I’m Sure You Have Never Seen This

I’m Sure You Have Never Seen This” (見たことねーだろ, Mita Koto nē Daro, Viz: Bet Ya Never Seen This) is chapter 682 of the original Naruto manga.


Free from Kaguya and Black Zetsu, Naruto tells Sasuke that he plans to use a special technique that he was practising in secret, more so than the Rasengan, and could distract her long enough for them to use the sealing technique.

Meanwhile, as Naruto’s clone, Kakashi and Sakura watch on from far away, Kakashi contemplates on the mechanics of Kaguya’s power to shift dimensions almost instantaneously and Naruto uses his new power to revive Obito. Putting their plan into action, Sasuke uses Amaterasu to engulf Kaguya, as she merely brushes off the attack, Naruto jumps in front of her and uses his new technique, much to everyone’s shock and bafflement. But, much to their surprise, Naruto managed to punch Kaguya and Sasuke uses his teleportation ability to transport himself and Naruto near her, but just as they were about to seal her, Kaguya encased all three of them inside a giant block of ice. With Kaguya now shifting everyone into a vast frozen mountainside, she escapes the ice and prepares to use Black Zetsu to once again drain Naruto and Sasuke’s chakra. Kakashi, meanwhile theorises that Kaguya’s power to shift dimensions works the same way as genjutsu, except it is reality. As Sasuke uses Kagutsuchi to free himself and Naruto from the ice, Black Zetsu recommends fighting them one at a time. Following his advice, Kaguya suddenly grabs Sasuke and throws him into a desert dimension.

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