"In their dome they have my number"

The president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, and the Venezuelan president, Nicolás MaduroThey have starred in a verbal fight in which Guaidó has challenged Maduro to get his phone number among Chavez leaders who have contacted him to offer information and in return has promised to get him a country that welcomes him.

The dialectical dispute began when MAduro accused Guaidó of being a difficult person to contact, in the framework of an act with the youth of the PSUV held on Thursday afternoon (local time). «Who has the stupid number? If he doesn't answer his own addresses, he's a jerk, ”he said.

Guaidó's response came shortly after via Twitter. «I am surprised that no one has raised their hands », he said in reference to the dome ‘chavista’. «Several there have called to give information, to leave you alone with less political cost and to negotiate guarantees that we can offer, ”he snapped.

In addition, the head of the National Assembly took the opportunity to propose a proposal to Maduro: «Get it and get you some country that receives you. Hurry, they are less and less ».

Guaidó and Maduro keep a pulse for being recognized as the legitimate president of Venezuela since the opposition leader called himself "the president in charge" of the country the January 23, 2019 to prevent the Bolivarian leader from starting a second six-year term because he won it in Fraudulent elections.

More than 50 countries, including the United States, most Latin Americans and numerous Europeans, including Spain, recognize Guaidó as "president in charge", although Maduro retains important support such as those from Russia, China or Turkey, in addition to its traditional allies in the region.