Inditex and Meliá, the most Spanish companies of the Ibex 35

On Hispanic Day, which we celebrate every October 12, we wanted to see which national selective companies are 100% Spanish capital. And, it is surprising, but it is very difficult to find Ibex 35 companies whose shareholding is totally Spanish. In fact just Meliá and Inditex They are without foreigners in their shareholding. It should be remembered that, however, not having to recognize the shares below 3% to the CNMV, this statement cannot be made with total certainty.

So things, Inditex and Meliá they are the companies that, a priori, have all their capital within our borders. The textile company distributes its role, above all, between Sandra Ortega and family corporations; while Meliá Hotels does not register any significant foreign participation either, and only Escarrer appear as reference shareholders.

Meliá shareholders. Source: Meliá

On the other hand, there is also no hint of foreign capital in Inditex's shareholders, where Amancio Ortega, through its companies Pontegadea Inversiones SL and Partler 2006 SL, remains as master and lord of the Spanish textile company.

Inditex shareholders. Source: Inditex

United States and United Kingdom, the ones with the most

By country, the amount of US and British funds and companies with capital in the IBEX 35. In addition to Blackrock, with more than 15,000 million invested in selective companies, Capital Group (USA) has almost 2,000 million euros, Y Fidelity (USA), with participation in nine selective companies, holds 1,400 million euros declared; But they are not the only ones: Lazard, Invesco, Bank of America or Principal Financial Group They are also US firms with significant participation in the Ibex 35.

And the ‘Brexit’ could affect more than it might seem at first, since the British Standard Life (400 million), Baillie Gifford (400 million), Cantillon (100 million), or TCI (1,200 million) they have important participations in the main Spanish index.