Instagram: María Pombo reveals that she could suffer from multiple sclerosis

María Pombo is going through a delicate moment. The influencer has just revealed to her followers that she suffers from a disease called myelitis. After several days of absence from the networks, María has been honest with her followers about the complicated stage that is happening. In an emotional video in black and white, the influencer has explained the reasons why she has been de disappeared ’from the network:“ Hello guys, I have come to tell you a little why I have been disappeared ”, she began by saying.

María wanted to highlight that she explains it because she does not want her followers to be only aware of the most beautiful part of her life, as well as thanking the samples of affection that she has received in these days of absence. “I do, of course, because I want to and because I think you also deserve to know this part of my life, not just the good. And also to thank all those people who write to me every day saying that they miss me, how am I, because it means a lot to me. Although I have been disconnected, I have been reading to you and I have been very excited. It means a lot to me. “

Since the beginning of the video, the instagrammer has been nervous and breathy at times. “I’m going to try not to curl up too much because my head hurts horrors. I have been going to the hospital these last weeks because these last twenty days I have been feeling quite strange tingling in my body. As you know, my mother has multiple sclerosis and in my family we are very attentive to this type of symptoms. Although it is not a hereditary disease, it does go in the genes. So I am more likely to have it than a person who has no history, “he explained.

María has related the series of tests she has undergone, such as blood tests, resonances of various types and a lumbar puncture. Tests that have confirmed that you have myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord. Although you still don’t know what the definitive diagnosis is, multiple sclerosis usually begins with myelitis. “As I said, I do not have a 100% diagnosis. Quite a few weeks to go because less than 24 hours ago I was having a lumbar puncture. As you surely understand, I need a few days a little disconnection to assimilate this a little. Although you may find me a little nervous, I feel tremendously lucky that this is and not something more serious. Because when I started doing all these tests, I was afraid it was something more serious. It is a disease that I live very closely at home and I am a little ahead of the final diagnosis, “he says.

María Pombo and Pablo Castellanos in a file image at their wedding / Gtres

Despite the circumstances, María Pombo has been optimistic for the future. “In case it is multiple sclerosis tell you that it is a disease that has progressed a lot over the years and that continues to progress and that has nothing to do with what it was before, 20 years ago, the disease to what it is now . Going to the doctor and seeing all those people who are sick and have much more serious things, you feel lucky. ” The young woman wanted to also remember her mother because, if she did not have the disease, perhaps she would not have given enough importance to the discomfort she was having: “I feel very fortunate to have the mother I have, with the disease she has . If I don’t get to have that mother with that disease and have lived it from a very young age, maybe I think that tingling is stress or that a nerve or something similar has been pinched. We caught him very on time because as soon as I started to feel the anthill and it was constant we went directly to a great doctor ”.

Maria Pombo
Maria has confessed that her mother suffers from multiple sclerosis / Gtres

Despite the fact that it is still early to have a definitive diagnosis, María is already assuming that she suffers from the disease, since she prefers to prepare herself just in case: “As you can see, I am assuming that I have sclerosis a bit because I want to mentalize myself. But hey, I’ll tell you when they give me the results. For those of you who are in the same situation as me, or who have given you news like this, who are in the middle of these tests or have to have a lumbar puncture, which for me was the greatest fear … I was scared because what we heard from lumbar punctures are very painful. I entered the living room trembling. My body was like when you do a driving test, your body and legs are shaking. But I got a spectacular doctor and nurse. They made that moment so terrible for me was seen and unseen, “he maintains.