Iran announces that it has arrested "several people" for the demolition of the Ukrainian plane

On January 8, a Boeing 737 aircraft from Ukraine International Airlines crashed shortly after taking off from Imam Khomeini International Airport. The Islamic Republic authorities said the aircraft had suffered an accident but on January 11 they recognized that it had been shot down by a missile launched by a human error by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

An Iranian judiciary spokesman has announced that "several people" have been arrested in connection with the demolition of the Boeing 737 aircraft of Ukraine International Airlines that killed 176 people on January 8, the Iranian news agency reported. IRNA

«Some people have been arrested in connection with the incident. The investigation is in its first stage, ”said the spokesman for the Iranian Judiciary, Gholamhosein Ismaili, at a press conference in Tehran.

The spokesman has said that special committees have been created in the Armed Forces to investigate the demolition of the plane and has indicated that the investigations are in a preliminary phase. The special committees, as indicated, will integrate military experts, aeronautical authorities, experts in electronic warfare and ‘black box’ analysis technicians.

In addition, he has assured that one of the ‘black boxes’ of the downed plane will be sent to France so that the information it stores can be accessed, with the participation of aeronautical experts from Iran and Ukraine.

Ismaili has said that the Iranian authorities are committed to the victims of demolition, with "the discovery of the truth" and with justice being done for what happened and all "responsibilities" are determined.

He also said that "what role the US war has played in the incident" will be investigated. Finally, the spokesman for the Iranian judiciary has emphasized the importance of knowing the contents of the two ‘black boxes’ of the wrecked plane.