Iris Diaz speaks, the woman they have left out of the game

A couple of months ago the news of the breakup of Blanca Suárez and Mario Casas was made public, a pity for a legion of fans for whom seeing them together in reality after having lived a love story in fiction was a dream. But it ended. And the decision is so solid that today the cover of the magazine Ten minutes We were surprised with some images of the actress kissing with Javier Rey, an actor with whom a new relationship has begun. He is very discreet with his life, but we knew that he had been a couple for 15 years and that he was a dad in 2018. And LOOK exclusively has the first reaction of Iris Díaz, the mother of her son, to the news.

"I'd rather stay out and go as unnoticed as possible", is resounding. He doesn't want to know anything. For her the subject is settled. It is unknown if the breakup of a couple that was so solid took place before the relationship with Blanca began or if one thing came from another. Be that as it may, the truth is that judging by the images that have been published, Javier Rey is now happy next to Blanca.

Blanca Suárez and Javier Rey are the first surprise couple of this 2020 / Gtres

Iris is also an actress and met Javier when they both studied acting in Madrid, the city they came to fulfill a dream, because she is Canarian and he is Galician. Shortly after meeting, they went to live together and after years of relationship, in 2018 they welcomed their first and only child, which will inevitably always keep you in a certain way united.