6′2″ is legitimately tall for men. The ideal height range for men though is 6′0″ to 6′3″. Anything under 6′0″ is far too short to be respected. So yes, six feet to six-foot-three is the ideal male height range, with six-foot-one being perfect.

Likewise, How tall are you if your 46 inches?

In decimal notation, 46 inch to feet = 3.833 ft. Now you know how to convert 46 in to feet and that forty-six inches equal 3 5/6 feet.

Also, Is being 6ft tall? The average height of a human male is 5’10”. So 6 foot is only slightly more than average by 2 inches. So 6 foot is above average, not tall.

Secondly, Is 6ft 4 too tall?

6′4 is above average height and is also above what is normally considered tall.

Is 6ft 2 tall for a girl? No, it’s not too tall. You’re as tall as you are and can’t do anything about that. That is the height your body grew to be so that is the height you’re supposed to be at.

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How many feet is 50 inches?

Convert 50 Inches to Feet

50 Inches





1 in = 0.083333



= 12.000 in

How many feet is 48 inches?

48 Inches to Feet

48″ in ′ equals 4 ft.

How many feet is 52 inches?

52 inches equals 4.33333333333 feet.

What height is most attractive?

A study by dating app Badoo has revealed the height as being the most right-swiped among their users who range between the ages of 18-30. After surveying 20,000 Brits, Badoo concluded that 5ft 8in was the most popular height for men, while 5ft 10in and 5ft 6in followed closely.

Is 6ft tall for a 13 year old?

Being 6ft at 13 means you will still grow. I am almost 6’5 now at age 15 and is expected grow to 6’6.5, and one of my friends, who was 6ft, grew to 6’7 and is expected to grow to 6’10. You’ll probably end up well over 6’3 and prepare to be the tallest wherever you go. Yes, it is exceptionally tall in any ethnic group.

Is 6ft tall for a 17 year old?

On average most teenagers grow an inch and a half to inch and three quarter a year until about 18. So your height when you’re finished growing will most likely be around 6 foot 3. If you want to be taller than that then there are over the counter growth additives they can help you to grow taller.

Is 6ft 5 too tall?

6′5” is more than enough for women to be satisfied. Actually, anything 6′1″ and above will satisfy almost any woman who is shorter than that herself. There is no “too tall” with girls regarding male height, however, there is a “too short” (usually anything under six foot).

Is 6ft 3 too tall?

Yes, you’re actually really legit not too freakish tall. Some people may consider 6′3″ average, but that’s the internet world. In reality, you’re actually really legit tall.

Is 6ft 4 a good height?

Although, it is said that 6′4″ is an ideal height for a man when asking women 5′10″ and taller what they think. Women shorter than that prefer 6′0″ to 6′2″ the most. Basically, as long as you’re a bare minimum of 6 feet tall barefoot, you’re ‘good enough’ for almost all straight women.

Is being 5’9 tall for a girl?

5′9 is certainly taller than average for a girl, but I wouldn’t call it “tall.” 5′9 is about the minimum height to be a fashion model for a girl. Tall Club International sets the minimum cutoff at 5′10 for a girl.

Is 50 inches bigger than 5 feet?

In 50 in there are 4.1666667 ft . Which is the same to say that 50 inches is 4.1666667 feet.

Is 50 inches equal to 5 feet?

50 inches equals 4.16666666666 feet.

How tall are you if you are 40 inches?

40 inches equals 3.33333333333 feet.

Which is more 48 inches or 4 feet?

¿How many ft are there in 48 in ? In 48 in there are 4 ft . Which is the same to say that 48 inches is 4 feet.

What height is 59?

In decimal notation, 59 inch to feet = 4.917 ft. Now you know how to convert 59 in to feet and that fifty-nine inches equal 4 11/12 feet.

How tall is 5 feet inches?

Feet to inches conversion table

Feet (ft) Inches (“)
4 ft 48 ″
5 ft

6 ft 72 ″
7 ft 84 ″

How tall are you if your 52 inches?

52 Inches = 4.3333333 Feet.

How many inches is 48?

48 cm = 18,8976377953 inches.

What height and weight is most attractive?

Those with a body-mass index, a measurement of fat/thinness that combines weight and height, of 18 to 20 were judged the most attractive.

Do men like short girls?

Cute Factor

When a tall guy sees a petite woman, his instincts kick in to protect her. In his eyes she is more feminine, and he will feel stronger and more appreciated for taking care of her. From personal experience, small girls are fierce.