Isabel Pantoja counterprogram to her sister-in-law Teresa Rivera

Isabel Pantoja he measures his every move and the last one gives rise to endless speculation. The singer has chosen this Friday, November 20, to launch her new song, coinciding with the broadcast of ‘Cantora: the poisoned inheritance 2’ (Telecinco. 10pm), where Teresa Rivera, Paquirri’s sister will sit.

A few hours before this great television event, it was the tonadillera who gave signs of life. And not by its own mouth, something that seems to be dilated, but in the form of a melody. ‘The world’ is the new song by Isabel Pantoja. This is the third installment of his latest album. After his first two singles, ‘Esta es mi vida’ and ‘Enamórate’ he returns in style with a new melody: ‘El Mundo’, a revision of the now classic “Il Mondo” popularized by Italian Jimmy Fontanna.

When you read between the lines, the lyrics of the song have their crumb: «I opened my eyes to see around me. And around me the world revolved as always, the world revolves, revolves in infinite space with loves that begin, with loves that have gone. With the joys and sorrows of people like me. The world. Crying now I look for you, and in the silence I lose myself. And I am nothing to see you. The world has not stopped for a moment. His night dies and the day comes. And that day will come », sings the artist.

Each draw their own conclusions. It seems that the professional side of the Andalusian continues to work wonderfully. This same week, her inner circle slipped that Isabel Pantoja was ‘mortally wounded’ after her son Kiko Rivera brought to light all her dirty laundry, as well as that the singer could not have fulfilled the wills that Paquirri set out in the inheritance left to his children. Nothing could be further from the truth. Paloma García Pelayo uncovered that «Pantoja should not be bedridden as has been transmitted with interest 24 hours a day, much less. I know that for days he has been making decisions, asking for documentation that has to do with the companies, with Cantora, with the registry … and he is doing it personally because these decisions have to do with everything that Kiko Rivera has claimed from him ».

The singer of ‘Marinero de Luces’ continues with an apparent normality, living from the walls of Cantora how her son pulls the blanket and puts it between a rock and a hard place; as his ‘little soul’ he reconciles with his brothers, Fran and Cayetano, after years of hearing from his mother that he should not approach them. To make matters worse, tonight her sister-in-law sits on a set to continue tightening the fence on her. Curves are coming.