Isabel Pantoja ‘plants’ to Cristiano Ronaldo

Isabel Pantoja he preferred another plan to share a gala with Cristiano Ronaldo. Neither his international fame, nor his success among the women, nor his quoted image were enough for Isabel Pantoja to attend the Awards Gala MTV European Music Awards (EMA), held last Sunday in the city of Seville and where a good number of popular faces and celebrities met.

It was the great musical date of autumn in the capital of Spain, a city that saw the birth of the singer, however, Pantoja decided not to attend. As you can tell this digital, one of the members of his current trust team, led by his brother Agustin (They have just signed for next March which will be the artist's first concert in the last 2 years) offered to organize her attendance at the gala with those responsible for the event. It would appear among the most VIP, specifically, sitting next to one of the most international and claimed footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo. The current striker of Juventus F.C had already confirmed that he would attend the big night of the MTV awards at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos (Fibes) in Seville, along with Georgina Rodríguez, his partner and mother of one of his offspring. But Pantoja preferred to stay in Cantora and gave ‘seedling’ to music night and to Ronaldo.

Nobody had CR7 and Georgina Rodríguez at the MTV awards in Seville, but the couple did not want to miss a night full of good music and witnessed, among other things, the performance of a cheered Rosalía / Gtres

Just a week ago, he had just finished the recordings of Idol Kids, the children's talent program that will be broadcast next year on Tele 5, and that he has performed with great enthusiasm, according to sources close to the singer. However, this work has required many hours of recording, even on Saturdays and Sundays and, apparently, the singer ended up very tired.

The magazine Semana announced last week that the artist has yet to resolve with the Treasury an amount that would exceed 2 million euros of debt, one of the problems that would greatly worry Isabel, despite the significant income she has generated this year by signing with the Mediaset chain its participation in the reality show Survivors and the talent Idol Kids. The bad relationship with his daughter Isa, who precisely celebrates his birthday this Friday, is another of the problems he has been facing for several months. There is no confirmation that mother and daughter have approached so far and makes a dent in the mood of the singer.
Since the end of her professional commitments on television last 30, after offering a press conference with the host Jesús Vázquez and other members of the Idol Kids team, Isabel Pantoja remains at the Cantora estate in Medina Sidonia (Cádiz), where she lives with his mother and several of his brothers, since the end of his relationship with the former mayor of Marbella, Julián Muñoz. The health of his mother, who had to be hospitalized for 11 days after suffering two brain micro-infarcts, is perhaps the greatest concern of Seville and, probably, one of the reasons why he decided to 'plant' Ronaldo.

Isabel Pantoja
Isabel Pantoja becomes jury of ‘Idol Kids’ / Gtres

Cristiano and Georgina were one of the focal points of the aforementioned gala and not only because of its presence, but also because of the reaction that the soccer player's partner had when the Portuguese actress Rita Pereira, with whom she was related years ago, approached the forward to greet you.