Isabel Pantoja stands before the microphones to give an emotional message to Paz Padilla

Isabel Pantoja She is a grim reaper in words when it comes to unofficial interviews. Few are the occasions in which the bullfight attends the media that are standing guard in the street to get a statement from you. He usually opts for silence and for his ineffable look, which often says more than his rhetoric.

Isabel Pantoja
Isabel Pantoja in a file image / Gtres

However, this time it has surprised all the press that was at the Jerez airport. Dressed in their inseparable dark glasses and her neckerchief to protect her work instrument, Isabel Pantoja has listened carefully to the questions of the reporters while her brother Agustin He carried the suitcases. Upon arriving at the car that was picking her up and once settled in the seat, she asked for a minute of time in front of the cameras to offer her condolences to a person: Paz Padilla.

Paz Padilla
With his face disheveled and in absolute black, Paz Padilla has gone to the funeral of his mother in Cádiz / Gtres

“You are going to allow me, please, to offer my condolences – although we do not have a great friendship – but last night I heard about the death of Paz Padilla's mother. From here, Paz, you have to be very strong. I wish you go ahead with the memory of your mom because a mother, like a mother, there is nothing”, Has declared prey to the emotion for the sad news.

But not only that, the singer has acknowledged that her Mother, Dona Ana, is also in a delicate state of health so he feels empathy with people who are in the same situation: “Unfortunately, we go one after another. My mother is also very bad and we have to continue, honey. I send a kiss to you and to all very family. And I'm so sorry. ”

Isabel Pantoja and Mrs. Ana
Isabel Pantoja and her mother Doña Ana in a file image / Gtres

It should be remembered that the past October 3 Mrs. Ana suffered a relapse in her state of health that caused her a hospital admission in Jerez de la Frontera as a result of two strokes. "We have been afraid", he said at the time Anabel Pantoja. To his 88 years, the mother of Isabel Pantoja He suffers from a degenerative disease for which he has been ill for years.

Finally after 11 days enteredOn October 14, Dona Ana was discharged to be transferred again to the Cádiz estate of Cantora, her particular temple.