"It only took us 3 days to admit it"

Iran accuses the United States of being ultimately responsible for the demolition of the Ukrainian passenger plane on January 8 outside Tehran. From the Iranian embassy in Madrid, the regime recalls that «it only took three days » in assuming that the aircraft had been shot down by missiles.

"If the United States had not killed General Soleimani, the state of war would not have been activated (in Iran) and there would have been no demolition" of the Ukrainian civil aircraft. That is, in essence, the version defended by the Islamic Republic of Iran over the demolition of the Boeing 737 of Ukraine International Airlines.

«The main culprit (of the demolition) is Donald Trump. It is the main cause »the Iranian ambassador in Spain has warned Hasan Qashqavi, during a meeting with the Spanish press held on Tuesday at his residence in Madrid.

The embassy maintains that Iran has broken speed records in recognizing the demolition of the plane by the regime's air defense system. «Iran is the first country to It has taken only 3 days in acknowledging your responsibility and your mistake. Years ago, with the Ukrainian plane, it took 9 days. In other cases it has taken months, years, and even a decade to do it, ”said Qashqavi.

Three days denying it

According to the ambassador, the political and religious leadership of the country knew the details of the demolition shortly after it occurred, but the public communication that it had been a demolition came three days later. Iran explains it detailing that the demolition information «was registered in the air defense system, data that later passed to the dome of the Armed Forces »and from there to the ruling dome of the country.

It was that bureaucracy that, according to the Iranian ambassador, delayed the announcement of the demolition in 3 days. A time when the Iranian authorities defended that the accident had originated in a technical failure of the aircraft. "It is normal to take a few days to prepare the report," they said.

The embassy has offered data that suggest that at the time of the plane's demolition, for which on Tuesday there have already been several arrests in Iran, all the dome of aerospace defense The country was in the border area with Iraq awaiting an American attack. It minimizes the responsibility that the members of the military chain of command might have in the event.

Soleimani, in «civil» mission

About the United States military mission that ended the life of the general Qassam Soleimani, the Iranian embassy has assured that the military high was in Iraq "with a personal invitation from the Iraqi prime minister," with whom they reveal he had "a meeting that same afternoon ».