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The first European country to suffer the coronavirus epidemic is once again in the new normal. For the first time in more than two months, no one will have to carry a receipt with a valid reason to move. Except for the fact that until May 25 the gyms will not open and that only from June 3 you can travel between regions; Italians from this Monday will be able to buy in stores, eat in restaurants, drink in bars, cut their hair, visit museums and pray in churches, among many other things.

Of course, keeping the protection and security measures Relevant: masks, gloves, disinfecting gels, interpersonal distance. Especially in closed environments. Far from immediately returning to life before Covid-19, the boot-shaped country begins its last phase of lack of confinement and therefore its coexistence with the coronavirus. The golden rule will be interpersonal distance of 2 meters.

Based on the fact that the Executive of the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, has had to be the first to lead the way in Europe about how to deal with – medically and politically – the coronavirus crisis; the transalpine, in general terms, until now have respected the rules of confinement with enough discipline.

In recent weeks, similar to how it has been done in Spain, Prime Minister Conte’s government has approved several statutory decrees to allow different openings ad hoc, based on good epidemiological data in the country and under the supervision of an expert committee. The Italian government promised that if the statistics remained positive, it would have even anticipated the final stretch of the de-escalation. And so it has been, with an advance of two weeks.

Interpersonal distance, gels and limited capacity

From Monday Italians will be able to go to bars and restaurants, but security measures will have to be respected. Each client will have to have at their disposal 4 square meters and between the tables there should be a separation of 2 meters away. Buffets will not be allowed and all professionals in hospitality establishments will have to wear masks and gloves.

Merchants and restaurateurs are preparing to reopen in Italy.



Clients, as in any other closed public context, will have to enter in an orderly and controlled way. All this, taking into account the maximum capacity of the premises in question, already counting on seat reductions due to the sanitary criteria of interpersonal distancing.

The hairdressers, which from now on will be able to open on Sundays and Mondays, will also have to adapt to the general lack of confidence in the country. In them the same rule of 2 meters of distance between clients will be applied, which, in any case, will always have to book before you go In the establishment.

Regardless of the treatment in question, whether for men or women, the client’s hair will have to be washed before any session of hairdresser. Working personnel will always have to wear masks and gloves. The same goes for beauty and aesthetic centers. Since Covid-19 originates from the respiratory system, at the moment the whirlpools and saunas will be closed to the public, undated.

Same rules, roughly, for retail stores. Clothing stores, for example, will have to enforce the queues outside the entrance thereof and must have disinfectant gels both for workers and customers, especially in the boxes.

As highlighted by some media in the country, such as the well-known Corriere della Sera, “The garments will not have to be sanitized”, but customers who are interested in them “should try them on with gloves”. With regard to shopping malls, will reduce parking and the escalators should be used instead of the elevators, because it is a place of small dimensions.

Reopening of the churches

After a few weeks of tension between the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) and the transalpine government of Conte –where Pope Francis has even had to intervene to calm the waters–; Italians will back to the churches. Finally, a middle ground has been found between what the Italian bishops were asking for, the reopening of the churches to the faithful; and the need for the Executive to guarantee health security within them.

A priest disinfects the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome.

A priest disinfects the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome.


So, from this Monday, the people without symptoms and without fever. The entrances will have to be ordered, with limits of occupation – each parish priest will decide the maximum number of people in each church -, respecting the interpersonal distance and where everyone will have to wear masks and gloves, not forgetting the frequent use of disinfectant gels. These rules will be binding on both religious staff and parishioners.

The gyms will remain closed

Two months after the start of the national quarantine, the Italians They can see friends, not only to family members, as it has been for two weeks. Now anyone can be seen, as long as, also indoors, safety distances and protective measures are maintained. Among other things because, for the time being and without a change date, crowds will continue to be prohibited. Both in public places, and especially in private places.

In the eyes of the general public, the de-escalation strategy for gyms seems somewhat more confusing, the only major exception in terms of reopening in Italy, because they will be able to start their activity again only at Starting next Monday, May 25. The users of the gyms will have to go already prepared with the clothes ready to use and avoiding the changing rooms as much as possible. If they have to use them, it should be as short as possible, where customers must also carry plastic bags to throw away potentially infectious products such as handkerchiefs, gloves or masks.

As the country’s press has recently described, users of gyms should constantly disinfect the machines they use, like their own canteens. Bathrooms and showers will be constantly sanitized and can only be accessed in an orderly manner, maintaining security measures. Those who exercise should not wear masks, but instructors do.

For total normality in Italy, in coexistence with the virus, it will be necessary to wait two weeks from now, specifically next Wednesday 3 of June. From this date Italians will be able to move from one region to another, without having to present a valid supporting document based on a compelling reason. This last measure, agreed between the transalpine regions, will not mean, for the moment, a return to life before the coronavirus. For this we will have to wait for the vaccine. Meanwhile, with all the necessary precautions, little by little, Italy restarts again.

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