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The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has revealed Friday that his vice president, Delcy RodriguezHe went "silently" to countries during his recent international tour to "talk very interesting things" that he has not specified, ironing that in Spain, where he went, "they have made a novel, the 'Delcygate'".

"He went to some countries in public and met, and in others it was silent to talk very interesting things that we are developing with other countries of the world, "he told a press conference in veiled reference to the controversial meeting with Minister Ábalos at Barajas airport.

Shortly before, in the same appearance, Maduro has revealed that he has moved to Spain and other "friendly governments", among which he has also mentioned Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Russia and the EU, his proposal to create a group of "countries Friends "that is responsible for promoting dialogue in Venezuela.

Maduro has also confirmed that Rodriguez "went through the airport of Spain" in the framework of the international tour and "left the Minister of Tourism, who was officially invited to FITUR" and took the opportunity to meet the King, "ministers" and businessmen which, he said, "want to invest in Venezuela" and "are welcome."

In Maduro's opinion, all this "has nothing out of the ordinary", despite which – he has criticized – "in Spain they have made a novel, the 'Delcygate'", alluding to the meeting held at the Madrid airport in Barajas between Rodríguez and the Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos.

"Delcy is almost European"

Asked directly about this meeting, Maduro has chosen to maintain the ironic tone. "That's Delcy's secret, she hasn't told me that secret, what did she talk to Ábalos?"He has answered.

Already more serious, he has framed the "Delcygate" in "a permanent campaign in Spain against Venezuela" which he has attributed to "the Spanish right who believes that Franco is alive." "So, if the vice president goes to Spain, you have to stop her, humiliate her and kick her out, that's the vision of Franco," he denounced.

Maduro has been especially upset because, as he has argued, "Delcy is almost European," recalling that he lived six years in London and five in Paris, "speaks perfect English and French and all his friendships are European." "She almost has a European passport," he joked.

With all this, the tenant of Miraflores has addressed "the right of Vox, the PP and Franco " so that they "calm the nerves and leave the persecution against Venezuela".