"It's sad, but I'm in the final phase of my career"

Rafael Nadal He attended an event organized by Telefónica, where he talked about the season he is signing, in addition to starting Unveil your future plans. And is that the 33-year-old Balearic tennis player believes that his sports career is coming to an end.

"I am in love with sport and I want to stay linked to it when I retire", answered a Rafa Nadal who warned that he is entering the final stretch of his career. "I'm in the final phase, it's sad, but it's like that. The academy is to ensure that goal for the future, "said the winner of 19 Grand Slams.

"I do what I like, and when someone does what they like, there is no sacrifice", he said to those present at the event. "Of what I really am satisfied is the ability to overcome, to continue growing even having achieved many things or overcoming moments like when the body does not respond, "he added."I've always done it with the help of the people next to me "Rafa Nadal said.

Regarding the current season, Rafa Nadal took a positive balance. "The year has been very good, just like last year, but I left many tournaments due to physical problems, "he acknowledged." Now, from Barcelona to here I have been able to play what I wanted. I hope to continue following my planned calendar, "added the manacorí.