Jesulín de Ubrique’s father’s health worsens severely

Humberto Janeiro there is a debate between life and death in these moments. This is what ‘Save me’ says after consulting family sources. Jesulín de Ubrique’s father entered the University Hospital of Jerez de la Frontera a few hours ago as a result of some foot ulcers, caused by diabetes. These injuries require specific daily cures, with such bad luck that they have gone up the leg causing ischemia. The risk of amputation is great.

His prognosis is very serious since this table has produced a septic shock, that occurs when the organs and tissues of the body do not receive a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients. This results in a progressive death of the cells and an organic failure that can end in the death of the affected person. In fact, some sources point out that it could have been transferred to the ICU in «cardiorespiratory arrest». The latest news about his health is that he has been on dialysis since last night to cleanse his blood of toxins. However, his family is very pessimistic about the outcome and they see it very difficult to overcome.

Humberto Janeiro / Save me

Anabel Pantoja has reported in the Telecinco program that Humberto Janeiro has been supported by all his children, including Jesulín and his wife, María José Campanario. The curl was further curled during the afternoon of yesterday when some eyewitnesses claimed that the dentist would have been admitted to the same medical center as her father-in-law after suffering a new outbreak of fibromyalgia. Although, this information has not been verified. According to Isabel Pantoja’s niece, who remained at home was Camilo Naranja, Humberto’s partner for ten years, since visits to the ICU are restricted to one hour only in the afternoon and one person; measures that have been further tightened by the COVID-19 protocol.

The controversial note has come when Carlota Corredera asked Belén Esteban if she would offer condolences to the family if the businessman did not overcome his health problems. That of San Blas is clear: neither call nor burial.

For years removed from the media focus, Humberto Janeiro has always had to deal with health problems. In 2009, he was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious at his home, the victim of a partial brain thrombus. A few days later, a pacemaker was placed. In 2015, he fractured his hip in a traffic accident. His last income had been in March of the same year and Camila explained it this way: «Humberto is the strongest uncle in Spain. Nothing happens to him. A small wart came out and they have to operate, that’s it. That everything is going well and that there is nothing to worry about, ”he said, trying to normalize the situation. “It has a lot of little things, but it’s fine.” Now he is going through a critical moment with an outcome that does not invite optimism.