Joe Biden is already the favorite to be the Democratic candidate after a brilliant ‘super Tuesday’

Joe Biden is running as a favorite to reach the nomination to be the Democratic Party candidate for the White House after the brilliant results obtained in the so-called ‘super Tuesday’, the day when a greater number of states vote for the distribution of delegates from facing the convention of each formation, in which said candidates are confirmed.

Whoever was Barack Obama’s vice president between 2008 and 2016 arrived at this date with the aim of accelerating his comeback against the extremist Bernie Sanders, but what he ended up signing looks more like a landslide, in the absence of knowing the final results in California , where the count is always especially slow.

For putting the ‘democrat’ race to the nomination in perspective, it must be remembered that more than a month ago, when these caucuses and primaries began, Biden was singled out as the great favorite, but the first results complicated his position, putting Sanders in head. Even Hillary Clinton, who was a candidate in the last elections – to lose surprisingly to Trump – came to speak, resigned, of giving her support to Sanders if he finally won.

But Biden was gathering strength in recent days, just before this “super Tuesday,” to the point that the other moderate candidates – Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg, mostly – withdrew giving public support to Biden. Just in time. Biden himself has acknowledged that if he has achieved good results in complicated a priori states, it has been for their support: that of Klobuchar in Minnesota, that of Beto O’Rourke in Texas or that of Pete Buttigieg a little in many places. .

“We are alive, but make no mistake, this campaign is only just beginning,” said an exultant Biden in his first public appearance after confirming the results on the US East Coast. There was California, where the first polls point to a Sanders victory, but by a not particularly large difference. And each elected delegate counts, in these races not all the votes go to the winner, as in the presidential elections.

Joe Biden is the most focused and moderate contender in the running for the nomination in the Democratic Party. His campaign is based, mainly, on valuing Barack Obama. The former president, by the way, has not yet publicly spoken in favor of who his partner was. ticket. What is clear is that Biden’s weak point is among young voters, who mostly support Bernie Sanders, who, however, is seen as less likely to end up beating Trump in an eventual battle for the House. Blanca: too extreme for the middle class. Just a few days ago, he was supporting the Latino community in Florida – one of the key states for the presidential election – making a defense of the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Nothing less.

Bloomberg, the other big loser

Who does confirm himself as the absolute loser of this ‘super Tuesday’ is Michael Bloomberg, whose strategy was to start precisely on this day. He only won in American Samoa, that is, nothing in practice. His risky tactic – remaining on the sidelines while his rivals have been making noise for months, years – was joined by an erratic performance in recent debates, where he was systematically beaten by his rivals, exhibiting weak interpellation skills.

He did not appear publicly. Bloomberg took a flight to New York on Tuesday night to rethink his situation. According to information from his environment to CNN, what he is clear about is that he wants to prevent Bernie Sanders from becoming a presidential candidate.

A total of 14 states, in addition to the territory of American Samoa, were called to vote in the ‘super Tuesday’ of the Democratic Party primaries ahead of the November elections, where the winner will have to face the President of the United States, Donald Trump , who aspires to reelection.

At ‘super Tuesday’ 1,357 delegates from 1,991 are at stake to guarantee the final nomination at the Democratic National Convention, to be held July 13-16 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.