The comparison is unfair but inevitable, since it is the facts that show the heir of Severiano Ballesteros. The succession of myths, which usually takes a long time to happen or never comes, has occurred almost immediately. Jon Rahm is overcoming some of the records of the man who changed golf and the Ryder Cup.

Moreover, his first results in professionalism are close to those of Tiger Woods. We are facing a vintage player, because only a portento can follow the steps
of two geniuses. More surprising is that the similarity with Seve goes beyond mere results. Indurain and Bahamontes they were like night and day, and among the magic of Santana and the overwhelming power of Nadal There is an ocean. However, something beats in the permanent act of this chosen one who remembers the figure of the pioneer.

At first glance, the firmness in the walk and the impressive physique reveal its relevance in the field, a belief in the strength of its golf also manifested in statements to the media more preposterous than presumptuous. But, above all, it gives him that look of determination, serious, profound and revealing of an unwavering faith in his enormous talent, so similar to Seve's that it shakes.

Rahm has finished the course as number one and has only needed three years to get the European Order of Merit, twenty-six after the last Ballesteros won. From the difficulty of the feat attests that, in the meantime, Spain has given birth to great golfers, even winners of greats, unable to achieve it. Neither Jose Maria Olazabal, neither Miguel Angel Jimenez neither Sergio Garcia they succeeded, perhaps because none have the strength of the newcomer. Olázabal, whom Woods envied his game with long irons, had frequent problems with his driver, similar to those Garcia has with the putt.

Jon Rahm in Dubai: get the title and the 'race'


Golf is a matter of hands and head, of sensitivity and concentration, and any mental or technical weakness is punished fiercely by the field and the rivals. United by passion, personality, by their looks and trajectories, Ballesteros and Rahm are even united by their roots, since Estrabón pointed out that all the inhabitants of the Spanish septentrión lived in the same way, and Plinio recounts that the inhabitants of the Biscay coast and Gipuzkoa and the people of the interior in the mountains had the Cantabrian owners.

However, what inevitably unites both figures is that Jon Rahm wastes no occasion in highlighting the pride of placing his name next to Severiano Ballesteros. Perhaps knowing that his figure in Spain does not end up being where he deserves – he always lamented that of Pedreña of not being a prophet in his homeland -, the young golfer insists on remembering the athlete who achieved the distinction of the BBC in 2009 for his contribution to change golf forever, especially the Ryder Cup.

We do not know very well why, but Spain, even with the disaffection they do not deserve, is a land of passionate golfers, who play with art and heart and who, in these times, follow the bright, unparalleled and imperishable wake of Severiano Ballesteros. None like Jon Rahm.