Jorge Javier breaks with the sexual confessions of Toñi Moreno

Mediaset does not understand about breaks in reality and with the final of ‘Survivors 2020’ still on the retina, it has already released its new bet for this summer: ‘The Strong House’. A show with a new cast of celebrities (some repeaters) whose theme seems novel since the assailant contestants will fight to get the loot from the residents’ rooms. Again, Jorge Javier Vázquez is the master of ceremonies, seconded on Sundays by the freshness of Sonsoles Ónega, still landing in the world reality TV.

Aware of Jorge’s innate ability to take the programs where he wants, the first gala left a moment for remembrance between the presenter and one of the de La Casa Fuerte ’star collaborators, Toñi Moreno. It all started with the relationship of Ferre and Cristina Gilabert as an object of debate. The couple has entered to compete together but apparently they do not do it at a good time. After three years, their bond begins to suffer.

On the set, Jorge asked Toñi when she believes that relationships begin to falter: “The next day”answered the Andalusian, unleashing the laughter of everyone. Then a talk opened up about whether they considered love to exist for life. Jorge Javier joked: “I do believe, but I don’t want to be caught now that I’m so good.” The presenter wanted to know if Toñi Moreno was “one of those who gets spicy in relationships when things go wrong, have you dressed up as a schoolgirl or Cinderella?” The Cádiz-born woman showed off her loquacity and got out of trouble very well: “I’m not much of that, although Cinderella already is”. The Catalan could not help but burst out laughing with the responses of the presenter of ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’.

On the other hand, Fuerte La Casa Fuerte ’already left the first enmities in its first installment. Yola Berrocal and Leticia Sabater They are going to be a couple of assailants. The two have exposed their differences live and have already had their first dispute over quarrels from the past: «You screwed up a live performance by removing the flash drive from music, Sabater reproached Berrocal. “But what live, if it was playback?” Yola replied. In fact, the interpreter of ‘La Salchipapa’ threatened her stay in the contest: «This is going to be a bomb. Are you serious? Listen, we may not last even two days. Maybe we last less than Oriana ».