Jorge Javier gives the ‘do breast” and turns the set on Broadway

Jorge Javier Vázquez gives the chest breast. The journalist has been the protagonist of the most unexpected start of Mediaset’s new bet “The Last Supper”. The presenter has served as master of ceremonies and has surprised the audience with a version of one of the most endearing themes in film history, “What a feast!”, From the soundtrack of the movie “Beauty and the Beast “

Jorge Javier has started the program with a surprising musical number in the style of “Beauty and the Beast” / Mediaset

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great satisfaction and an immense pleasure to welcome you here tonight. We invite you to take a seat and get comfortable because Telecinco is proud to present ‘The Last Supper,” he said. Jorge Javier before beginning your performance. A song in which he has been presenting the participants of the evening, who will have to demonstrate their skills between the stove and as hosts. Lydia Lozano, Kiko Matamoros, María Patiño, Mila Ximénez, Alonso Caparrós, Antonio Montero, Marta López and Chelo García Cortés will participate in this new bet by the Mediaset channel.

Dressed in a pailletes suit, Jorge Javier has displayed his skills as an actor, a facet in which he debuted in September 2015 with the production “I was serious” in Malaga. However, regarding his musical abilities, the presenter premiered in January 2018 his first musical show, “Grandes Éxitos”, with which he fulfilled his great dream of singing some of the classics of history on stage. To this we must add that at that time also released the single “Amistad imperfecta”.

The presenter Jorge Javier Vázquez during the performance of the work
The presenter Jorge Javier Vázquez during the performance of the play “I was serious” in Malaga, his theatrical debut / Gtres

Jorge Javier has not been the only one who has worn his best clothes for this premiere, but also the participants have “gotten over” for the event that has also had the participation of chefs Sergi Arola and Begoña Rodrigo.