Juan Guaidó announces on March 10 a march against the dictatorship of Maduro

The "president in charge" of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, has called on Friday "each sector" of the country so that next March 10 march to the National Assembly to expose their "conflict."

"Today I ask that each March 10 we go to each of the sectors to present their statement of conflict to achieve the solution to the crisis, to achieve the meeting and sound claim, that we go together to the National Assembly," he said in a meeting with different groups.

Guaidó explained that, as a result of his meetings last year with all sectors, he has prepared a «sheet of national conflict that speaks of the fighting attitude of the Venezuelan«.

The president of the National Assembly has argued that "it will not be enough with a single claim in the sea of ​​tragedy that Venezuelans suffer," so "we must push together in only one direction."

Thus, he has once again called on Venezuelans to "unify in a command to realize the conflict sheet." «Let's get up in every corner of the country. We go to the streets to demand until freedom is achieved, ”he urged.

At the same time, Juan Guaidó has been aware of the risk of launching a new wave of protests, using his uncle, Juan José Márquez as an example, who was arrested last February 11 when he landed in Caracas accused of carrying explosive materials.

«If you want to send me or any family member to jail, well here I am. I will make the sacrifice that is necessary to open the doors of this country, ”said the opposition leader.

He has also taken the opportunity to clarify that he will not participate in "no farce", recalling the presidential elections of May 20, 2018, considered a fraud by the opposition and much of the international community.

Venezuela must hold elections this year to renew the National Assembly, the only institution that controls the opposition and gives Guaidó its legitimacy as "president in charge" as head of the legislative headquarters.

Likewise, Maduro's "strategy" has been anticipated to "divide" the opposition. «They are going to say the usual, they are going to come with the negotiation story», he has predicted, giving the answer: «It will not work».

«Contacts with the world»

In addition, he insisted that «Venezuela is not alone», referring to the support he has received during his international tour. As indicated, each act is due to "a common thread" with which "international accompaniments will come" to "bring pressure as far as it goes."

He mentioned in this regard the "strong message" sent by the United States in sanctioning the Russian oil company Rosneft for doing business with Venezuelan crude. "Everyone who supports the dictatorship will have consequences, they will not want it in the world," he said.

Juan Guaidó has defended that it is he who has "the capacity for dialogue with all countries", confirming that "contacts continue with everyone, with countries that can serve to receive or mediate."

With all this, he has been sure that change "can be achieved." At this time, he has argued, "dictatorship" can only "prolong agony." He has even compared the Government of Maduro with dog droppings. "Forgive the eschatological," he added.