Julián Muñoz, unexpected support of Kiko Rivera in the war with his mother

Julián Muñoz was the last to join the war of Kiko Rivera and his mother Isabel Pantoja, with whom the former mayor of Marbella He had a six-year relationship that was not without controversy. But a decade after his breakup and after his time in prison, Muñoz has “appeared” again in the life of the tonadillera, revealing unknown aspects that do not leave her in a good place. It was last night during the broadcast of the program ‘Huellas’ on Telemadrid, dedicated to the heritage of ‘Paquirri’, where Julián Muñoz He entered by phone to say that during his courtship he also saw the bullfighter’s personal belongings, thus confirming the information that Jorge Javier Vázquez gave last Friday in the special ‘Cantora, la inheritance poisoned’. The presenter revealed that Kiko Rivera had discovered his father’s personal belongings in a room that had always been locked. Equipment that is part of the inheritance that his father left to his brothers and that they have always claimed.

Julián Muñoz went live on the program ‘Huellas’ and confirmed that he has also seen the personal belongings of ‘Paquirri’ / Telemadrid

Muñoz told what he saw the only time he had access to the room of ‘Paquirri’ and that confirms what he said a week ago, and that apparently was one of the triggers that Kiko Rivera had exploded against his mother. «What I saw there, I think I remember, wrapped in something white, was the suit of lights that he unfortunately wore on the day of his death, a crutch, a pair of flags, a rapier. They were in a closet as you walk in on the right. It’s what I saw there. I think that what he was wearing was kept there at the time that the misfortune happened to him ”, he explained, also remembering that he did not go up alone and that the door, also on that occasion, was open.

In 6 years of relationship, Muñoz only accessed the bedroom of 'Paquirri' on one occasion, becoming a witness to the heritage of the bullfighter / Gtres
In 6 years of relationship, Muñoz only accessed the bedroom of ‘Paquirri’ on one occasion, becoming a witness to the heritage of the bullfighter / Gtres

The same happened on August 2 -the birthday of Isabel Pantoja-, when Kiko discovered her father’s belongings, that room was not closed and by chance, the DJ accessed it, finding what her mother had denied for so many years that existed. But Julián understands that it is likely that the artist’s son lived there without knowing about the existence of these objects, as he himself has recognized. He has also explained that During the time he maintained a relationship with the singer, the young man went to Cantora very little. «I was living in Seville with my grandmother. He was getting older and an apartment was rented to him by his mother and he didn’t go there much. It is possible that he did not see it because not much time passed.

Julián Muñoz’s testimony did not leave anyone indifferent. In great detail, he described where the room is located: “That house has two wings. From the front door to the right seen from the road, and the left has another part. If you stand at the entrance of the house, the entire area on the right is Paco’s bachelor house, Mr. Rivera. In that house, when I met her, the two parties were united. As soon as you entered through the door, on the right hand side, there was a large living room that was connected by a door to the area where the fireplace and Paco’s rifles were, and on the right a staircase that led up to the bedroom.

Isabel as mother

But Julián Muñoz’s testimony did not end there. Asked about the relationship of the interpreter of ‘Marinero de Luces’ with his son, who was mayor of the Marbella town hall acknowledged that he had never imagined Kiko’s behavior “so radical and so cold.” «It was a child, while I knew him, who did not make a noise. The relationship was absolutely normal, a relationship of mother and son, “he said.

In his opinion, Isabel Pantoja "She is not a bad mother, but she is perhaps too artist"/ Gtres
In his opinion, Isabel Pantoja “is not a bad mother, but perhaps too an artist” / Gtres

And he also had no qualms about commenting on Isabel Pantoja mother: «For me specifically She is not a bad mother, but she is perhaps too artist. She made sure that nothing was missing, but she was more of a diva than a mother. These words are added to what Kiko has affirmed in recent weeks, she needs her mother more and not the artist. The next chapter will be signed tonight in the second installment of ‘Cantora, the poisoned inheritance’, which will feature Teresa Rivera as a guest.