Justice condemns Iberia to pay 5,000 euros to a family that denied boarding

A court in Madrid has condemned Iberia to turn off 4,938 euros to a family to a family that was denied boarding in an unjustified manner, as well as to assume the procedural costs. The airline did not let the members of that family be seized for not having the family book

The events occurred in the summer of 2017 when a family of five was traveling from Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez airport in the direction of the Republic of Zimbabwe stopping in Johannesburg (South Africa).

Already willing to board, and having accessed the aircraft part of the group, including minors, and surprisingly, a Company operator, demanded a copy of the family book, being accompanied by minors. «By not having the family book, since as it was credited, it was not necessary, the operator denies boarding and expels from the plane to two minors, who were already inside, sitting in their respective seats, ”says the user representative.

The affected passengers tried to talk with the operator, «bringing him into reason and indicating the circumstance that they had already been informed and explained that there was no rule that prevented him, every time, being a stopover at an international airport, without its exit, it was not necessary according to the embassy of the African country itself, carry the required family book ».

Despite this, the Iberia employee prevented passengers from entering the plane. The plane took off with the others 14 members of the group with which those affected traveled, in which they were minors, and those who at no time were required the family book.

After what happened, the passengers went to the company's Air counter, where they were provided 5 new tickets to your destination, in the same I return (IB6051) but for the next day.

The sentence recognizes the existence of damages to family members who were prevented from traveling and reveals that the company I do not justify the reason for the denial, since as stated in the ruling “the evidence provided by Iberia was confusing and contradictory, which is why I believe that it has not made the denial of the shipment come motivated by presenting inappropriate travel documents” adding at the end as a bullet “that results relevant that the company will facilitate an alternative trip at no cost… ”