Juve shows up to play when Naples hadn’t even traveled to Turin

He Juventus-Naples threatens to become one of the longest matches in history. To begin with, the Neapolitans did not travel to Turin due to the prohibition of the health authority of their region after having three positives in their ranks. Juventus, on the other hand, did appear at the game and the Italian League agrees with the team bianconero, who could win the game 3-0 before the absence of Naples. The battle in the offices promises to be a long one.

Zielinski and Elmas, Naples footballers, tested positive for coronavirus and the authorities of the southern Italian region recommended that the entire squad quarantine, including the Spanish Fabián, who will not be able to attend the call with the Spanish team. Thus, Naples officials decided that he could not travel to the north of the country, with the risk of more infections, to play a football match.

However, Juventus decided to show up to play a ghost match, as they knew that Naples was not going to show up. At 8:45 p.m., the original meeting time, Juve players appeared at the stadium, with ball boys, health personnel and other workers necessary for the dispute of the match. However, a key element was missing, Naples.

The Italian League, in a statement, made its position very clear, favorable to the dispute of the Juventus-Naples match according to its protocol: “You can play games despite having several positives in the squad. This has happened in previous cases, like Torino to face Atalanta, Milan against Crotone, Genoa to play at San Paolo last week or this day, just as Atalanta could play against Cagliari. It is true that the League Council has approved a regulation that may mean an eventual postponement of a league day, but only if there are conditions that, for now, do not apply to Naples in this case.

Naples, in addition to the loss of the match 3-0, risks an additional sanction from the Italian League. To be continue…