Kaguya’s Tears

Kaguya’s Tears” (カグヤの涙, Kaguya no Namida) is chapter 681 of the original Naruto manga.


Sent reeling from Kaguya’s attack, Naruto finds himself spinning, unable to stop while Sasuke realises that not even his Susanoo was effective against her. Plummeting towards the lava below them once more, Sasuke was able to use his new technique to teleport to Naruto who used his Truth-Seeking Ball to create a foothold for Sasuke.

While the rest of the team retrieves Obito, at the same time Kaguya opens a portal and steps though it, appearing behind Naruto and Sasuke. Clutching their faces, the duo is rendered immobile as the stoic Kaguya begins to shed tears. Her will manifests and as Black Zetsu covers half of the duo, he explains that they reminded Kaguya of her own sons: Hamura and Hagoromo. As he absorbed their chakra, he regaled the story of how he came to be and his influence over the shinobi world throughout the years all in an effort to revive his “mother“. Finally speaking, Kaguya voices her hatred for her sons and once again declares that all chakra was hers. Freeing themselves, Naruto and Sasuke agree that now more than ever it was imperative to seal her, and prepare to going into the offensive once more.


  • When Kaguya shed tears while clutching the faces of Naruto and Sasuke, her Rinne Sharingan had only six tomoe.

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