Kawaki (volume)

(カワキ, Kawaki)
Volume Info
Previous Kāma
Volume 7
Next Monster…!!
Pages 176
Release Date
Japanese February 04, 2019 (ISBN 978-4-08-881722-4)
English November 05, 2019 (ISBN 978-1-9747-0699-0)
Garō • Kokatsu • Amado
Microscopic Scientific Ninja Tools

Kawaki (カワキ, Kawaki) is volume 7 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga.

Chapter 24

Kawaki ” (カワキ, Kawaki)

Jigen and Delta discuss the meal they’re sharing. Delta is concerned about the Koji Kashin’s retrieval of the “vessel”. Jigen is confident in his skills and loyalty to the mission. Jigen considers the possibility of something having picked his interest, and Delta kicks away the table in anger, demanding to know Jigen’s explanation for how long the vessel’s recovery is taking. Jigen creates a new table with the rest of the meal, the one Delta broke still in pieces. Despite his confidence in Koji Kashin, Jigen allows Delta to check on the mission’s progress herself, and report back to him if there are any issues. The Konoha shinobi observe the passed out boy, noting his slight injuries and the mark he shares with Boruto. Boruto feels his mark throb, and the boy stirs, feeling the same pain.

The unconscious boy dreams back to when his abusive father sold him to Jigen, who told him to be at ease, as he was his father now. As Kawaki wakes up, Konohamaru senses danger, and has everyone jump back. Kawaki wakes up screaming not to touch him in a surge of energy. Konohamaru takes the surge as proof he was the one who defeated the other puppets. Kawaki angrily asks if they’re pursuers from Kara. Konohamaru identifies the group as Konoha shinobi. Koji Kashin watches from afar and is joined by Delta. They talk briefly, and he asks her if she brought an Outer. She confirms having brought Garō. Kawaki asks them why Konoha shinobi are interested in him, and they explain how they came about him. Kawaki doesn’t trust them when they ask him to inform about the blimp, and threatens to kill them when they want to take him in. Boruto shows him his Kāma and asks him about it. Delta is surprised by it. Kawaki takes Boruto’s possession of Kāma as proof he’s from Kara. They’re interrupted by Delta’s Outer Garō, addressing Kawaki as the vessel, who takes issue being treated like an object, and reminds Garō he ripped his jaw. Garō launches an attack, Kawaki covers the distance between them quickly, and makes his own attack, morphing his right arm into a blade. Garō blocks it with his gauntlet, and notes how weakened Kawaki is. Kawaki is unconcerned by it.

Chapter 25

Resonance ” (共鳴, Kyōmei)

Kawaki jumps back, and attacks by extending his morphed arm. Garō jumps to evade it, and fires attacks from his gauntlet. Kawaki detaches the morphed portion of his arm, and runs from Garō’s attacks. While running, Kawaki launches more morphed body parts as projectiles at Garō. The Konoha shinobi watch the battle, Katasuke noting that Garō’s are usual scientific ninja tools, and interested in Kawaki’s performance. Garō taunts Kawaki over his shortness of breath. Kawaki charges again, but Garō is able to block his attack, pin Kawaki down, and use a point blank blast against him. He picks Kawaki up, noting he’d have avoided the confrontation if he had just followed orders. Boruto wants to rescue Kawaki, but Konohamaru advises caution. From afar, Delta complains about Garō’s methods, while Koji just continues observing.

Garō considers breaking Kawaki’s limbs to prevent them from fighting again. Boruto’s Kāma activates and expands over his body, distracting Garō while Kawaki activates his. Kawaki uses his Kāma to blow up Garō’s gauntlet, who questions in disbelief where he got that power. Garō backs away in fear, and both Kawaki’s and Boruto’s Kāma power up. Kawaki absorbs Garō’s attack, Mitsuki noticing it’s the same as Boruto did earlier. Kawaki morphs his arm, extending it through Garō’s torso. He removes his arm from the morphed portion again, and uses the arm with Kāma to blow Garō up. The explosion creates a great crater all around. Delta is pleased that Kawaki blew up the Konoha shinobi, but Koji says she should look more closely. Boruto absorbed a portion of the blast, protecting the others. Kawaki notices they don’t seem to know about Kāma, and is still convinced they’re from Kara. Koji speculates that the two Kāma resonating is the reason he’s so invested in Kawaki, and figures he should get more information. Kawaki’s body begins smoking, and his Kāma recedes, before passing out. Katasuke says Kawaki became overheated. Delta wants to interfere, but Koji tells her not to get involved. Katasuke examines Kawaki, noting his entire existence seems to be a scientific ninja tool. Delta questions Koji’s decision to let them have Kawaki, he points out that information leak already happened from the moment the blimp crashed, and that sooner or later they’ll give in to Kara. Katasuke is ecstatic by the technology in Kawaki’s body, saying it even surpasses the Hokage’s prototype hand. Boruto wonders if he can fix Kawaki, but he can’t. Mitsuki asks if Kawaki was created from nothing, like he was developed through cloning technology. Boruto and Sarada are startled by it, and Mitsuki explains he was created by Orochimaru. From private talks with Naruto, Katasuke says that Mitsuki was created organically through genetic engineering, while Kawaki was modified through inorganic means. They consider Kawaki to be important to Kara, and to them based on the information he can give. Boruto says they should take him back to Konoha, to his father.

Chapter 26

Gift” (贈り物, Okurimono)

Kawaki dreams back to when Jigen adopted him. He remembers meeting Amado while watching a group of children in a growth apparatus. After several failures, Amado states there are only two left. Jigen later confirms to him Kawaki is the last child, reassuring Kawaki that if he accepts him as a father, he won’t feel empty anymore, and that when they’re truly parent and child, he’ll give him a valuable gift. Kawaki wakes up in Konoha, with Naruto, Shikamaru, and Konohamaru in his room. Despite Naruto and Konohamaru trying to ease him, Kawaki immediately tries to escape, but is paralysed by Shikamaru, who assures him if they wanted to do anything with him, they’d already have done it. Naruto introduces himself to Kawaki, and thinks back to his earlier discussion with Shikamaru about the possible dangers of keeping Kawaki in the village. Naruto wants to personally oversee Kawaki, owning to his own experiences of isolation as a jinchūriki.

Shikamaru reminds him the threat of Kara means the decision isn’t his alone. Katasuke informs what he understands so far about the scientific ninja tools in Kawaki’s body and the Kāma to the Five Kage and their advisers. The Kage consider Kawaki to be too dangerous to be ignored, with Naruto being adamant in staying by Kawaki’s side at all times, even during their meeting. Kurotsuchi wonders which Naruto is a shadow clone. The other Kage agree with Naruto’s plan, but ask about the Kāma, knowing Boruto also possesses it. Naruto says they don’t know much, and hope that Boruto having it will help ease Kawaki. Naruto walks Kawaki to his home, but Kawaki tries to escape. When Kawaki stops running, Naruto is there waiting him, confusing him. At Naruto’s home, Hinata offers him tea, and when Naruto asks his name, he says he doesn’t have intel on Kara, still acting rude. Naruto tries to remain civil. When Naruto stands up, Kawaki flips the table, breaking a flower vase, trying to make a run for it. Naruto powers up, and dares Kawaki to try getting off his sight, making it very clear he won’t let that happen until his background is clearer to him, as it’s his duty to keep the village safe. Kawaki thinks Naruto might be stronger than Jigen, and considers it useless trying to get away from him. Naruto powers down when Himawari enters the room, and Boruto arrives home. Boruto and Kawaki recognise each other, and Naruto explains to Boruto Kawaki will be staying for a while. Boruto gets angry when he sees Kawaki broke the flower vase, which Himawari made as a gift to their mother. Kawaki barely apologises, and the boys introduce themselves to one another, cursing at each other.

Chapter 27

The Breakdown of Negotiations…!!” (交渉決裂…!!, Kōshōketsuretsu…!!)

Hinata and Himawari throw away the broken flower vase, Hinata assuring Himawari that as her mother, what matters most to her are the feelings she put into make it for her. Boruto wakes up and has to go to the bathroom, and meets Kawaki along the way, who’s also going to the bathroom. Boruto says he should go first since it’s his house, but Kawaki is closer to the door and curses at him, telling him to wait. Boruto grabs him by the shirt, and they almost begin fighting, but from inside the bathroom, Naruto yells at them it’s occupied, and tells them to go behind the house. They do it, still trading insults, and begin to fight when they’re done, both eventually activating their Kāma. Kawaki feels like this is the only way Boruto will get what he says. Boruto says this is first and last time they’ll agree on something. From the bathroom, Naruto creates a shadow clone to stop them, complaining about it.

During a meal, Naruto tells Boruto he’s putting too much salt in his food. Boruto comments on how unusual it is for Naruto to stay home all day long, and denies being happy about it when Himawari teases him over it. Kawaki observes their family interactions. Boruto checks his toolbox before going out, and is approached by Kawaki. Boruto says they continue fighting later, and Kawaki asks how he got his Kāma. Boruto glosses over its appearance after defeating Momoshiki, and confirms he knows nothing about Jigen when Kawaki asks about him. He in turn asks Kawaki how he got his. Kawaki tells him how he was kept suspended as one of Amado’s experiments and other children in his position died while Jigen just kept trying to make them into vessels for his Kāma, unconcerned with the deaths because he didn’t have time or options, needing only of them for Kara. Kawaki remembers pain and being resigned to death when he lost consciousness, but survived and woke up with Kāma on his left hand. Naruto listens to his account from nearby. When Boruto comments he survived, Kawaki says he would have rather died instead of keeping on suffering. Kawaki wants to get rid of his Kāma so Kara will leave him alone, and speculates Boruto will also be targeted. He wants Boruto to cooperate with him in learning how to get rid of Kāma. Boruto considers it, but won’t excuse Kawaki for breaking Himawari’s vase, telling him to make it up for her before leaving. Naruto tells Kawaki not to bother about the vase, but Kawaki, despite finding it inconvenient, wants Boruto to cooperate with him. Naruto notes Kawaki doesn’t have money, and tells him not to steal, but Kawaki only tells him not to worry about him trying to escape again. Naruto tells Kawaki to follow him.

Author’s Note

I had the good fortune to be invited to an Italian comic book convention, and headed to the Tuscan walled city of Lucca.

The ramparts encircling its four-kilometre perimeter give the city an ambience of Dragon Quest or a certain manga about Titans. it was super-fantastic.
And the cosplayers strolling the streets were so dapper and completely fitting in with the setting that I, dressed in ordinary clothes, looked out of place.
The realisation that these people all love manga gave me such a happy feeling.

—Mikio Ikemoto, 2019

I went to Macau on a BARREL ROLL company outing.

One staff member actually hit the jackpot playing slots, surprising all of us. And the Chinese food was delicious and the view was nice. What a blast!
Oh, so how did I do? Well, the house won some, and I lost some, so I think it’s fair to say roughly 50-50.

—Ukyō Kodachi, 2019

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