ケダマ Kedama
Anime Boruto Episode #141
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
  • Takaya Kuroda
Sex Male

Kedama (ケダマ, Kedama) is a prisoner at Hōzuki Castle.


Since coming to Hōzuki Castle, Kedama was very rebellious to the guards. His constant fighting against them earned him high praise from the other inmates. He grew especially close to the fellow inmate, Kiku. Together, they formed a plan to escape the prison. The plan required a lot of rain and Kiku predicted that it would soon rain. On the night of the plan, with no rain in sight, Kedama decided to stay in his cell, concluding that the plan would have to be postponed. Upon learning that Kiku was right and it rained hard, Kedama rushed to join his friend. To his horror, he discovered Kiku being struck down by Benga. Smuggling admitting that Kedama’s plan would have worked if he arrived on time, Benga decided to punish Kedama by telling all the guards and inmates that Kedama sold his best friend out. Soon afterwards, as Benga wanted, the other inmates turned on Benga and became docile again.


Kedama is a collected and withdrawn individual, his cell-mate Kamata claiming he hardly ever talks, let alone to newcomers. He has also shown an apparent love of flowers, stopping a prisoner from falling on a bed of them. Originally a very upbeat man who refused to let other push him around, he would often be sent to solitary confinement, earning him praise from the other inmates. Later however, between losing his best friend from his own lack of trust and becoming a pariah amongst the inmates, Kedama stopped caring about things and just decided to go with the flow.

Later, upon seeing how committed Boruto and his friends were to each other, even during the most dire of situations, Kedama regained some of his former personality, deciding to be helpful again to his fellow inmates.


Befitting his large stature, Kedama has considerable strength, able to knock a man out with a single punch.

New Era

Mujina Bandits Arc

When Boruto and Mitsuki arrived at their cell, Kedama ignored Mitsuki’s greeting, and turned away while Kamata and Arai made small talk with them. Later, when they learned one of the prison’s all-access passes went missing three days ago, the prison was put on lock-down.

Boruto and Mitsuki concluded that since the pass was stolen on the same day Kokuri was attacked in the hospital wing, it must be connected. They also concluded that it must be one of the cell-mates as at the time, their cell was the only one that the guard was in that day. Determined to find the thief before the guards inspected them, they found the pass on Kedama’s belongings. Kedama insisted that it wasn’t his doing, but Arai noted that Kedama had a history of working with the guards. As Kokuri was willing to hear Kedama’s side of the story, Arai revealed that Kokuri was a member of the Mujina Bandits, making himself untrustworthy. Mitsuki however pointed out that no one in the cell should know that truth about Kokuri as he worked hard to keep it a secret. Revealing to know such a truth, Arai slipped up and revealed himself to be the culprit. Arai attacked Kokuri, but Kedama quickly knocked him out. Arai was turned over to the guards.

Days after the castle master, Mujō, fell sick and Benga was put in charge of the prison, Kedama noticed his cellmates talking with the visiting journalism student, Sarada Uchiha. He was detained by Mitsuki, surprised to see that Mitsuki’s seal was a fake. Mitsuki interrogated the man, learning the truth about Kedama’s past. As Mitsuki decided to reveal that he was in fact a ninja on an undercover mission tasked with breaking out Kokuri, Kedama took no interest, promising he won’t say anything as he vowed to never get involve with other people’s affairs again. Mitsuki however noted that Kedama only does this out of fear of letting people get close to him again. Later, When Sarada suddenly went missing, Kedama saw Benga leave a room that was smoking, promptly telling his guards to call of the search for Sarada. When hearing Boruto and Mitsuki talk about their escape plan, he was amazed at how much trust they have in Sarada.

When Benga discovered Sarada had been working with inmates, he failed to have Kedama snitch on them. Finding a hole Mitsuki had dug, he found and saved Sarada from drowning. He informed her of Benga’s knowledge of their escape plan, and explained her the workings of the spring tide affecting the castle. While strolling through the castle, he came across Doragu, who he called out as Benga’s snitch. When he noticed Kedama’s Heavenly Prison seal had been undone, Kedama intimidated him into silence. While Doragu was amazed that Kedama would help someone without benefiting himself, Kedama plainly said he’s benefiting by knowing he played a part in a successful escape from Hōzuki Castle.

After Mujō returned to duty and Benga’s death, following the release of Boruto, Mitsuki and “Kokuri”, Kedama returned to a more peaceful nature, enjoying his care of the garden.

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