Kichi persists in changing the name to Carranza for being “complicit in the coup d’état”

The Cádiz City Council is very clear that it will change the name to Ramón de Carranza Stadium. There is no way back. In fact, several new denominations are handled, although the decision will be made by popular vote. In the last days, the Federation of Peñas del Cádiz and many more fans have asked that by tradition the yellow fief be renamed simply Carranza, but the Consistory refuses.

Kichi, mayor of the city, and his team are determined to change the name of the Cádiz temple due to Ramón de Carranza’s relationship with the Franco regime. “To leave Carranza would be to keep the historical name, obviously. Carranza cannot be separated from Ramón de Carranza and what it meant for the city, his accomplice role in the coup and of the suffering of the neighbors ”, explains Martín Vila, councilor for Democratic Memory and one of the great promoters of the name change.

«I am a cadista and I have been going to the stadium with my father since I was a child. And Carranza is part of our identity. But when you find out what’s behind that name, you feel pretty reluctant. As a result of ignorance of what happened, we are legitimizing the author of a barbarism, such as the coup d’état of ’36 and the repression that it entailed », adds the councilor in Radio Cádiz.

Various alternatives

The City Council already manages some alternatives to name the stadium, such as Michael Robinson, Manuel Santander or Mágico González. However, the final decision will not be made by the City Council or Kichi, but will be put to a vote. “We want the name change of the stadium to be a participatory process and result in a inclusive name that respects human rights and democratic memory and that all the neighbors make it their own ”, he concludes.

And it is that despite the fact that a large part of the Cádiz fans want to continue calling the stadium Carranza, the City Council is not going to allow it, as is clear from the aforementioned councilor’s statements.