Kiko Matamoros admitted to the emergency room for pancreatitis

Health has once again played a trick on Kiko Matamoros, who has not spent 24 hours at home after being discharged after your gallbladder operation. The alarms have jumped at the beginning of the ‘Save me’ program in which they explained that the collaborator had caused discharge due to complications derived from the gallbladder operation that he underwent on Monday. Half an hour after the end of the program, Kiko himself called live and explained what his situation was. «I am waiting to be told if they intervene in me», he began by saying. “They have done a tac and an ultrasound and I suppose they are going to intervene me because they won’t let me eat and drink,” he said, confirming that he had been diagnosed with pancreatitis. Accompanied by his partner, the model Marta López, Matamoros has related how the moment has been in which his health has suffered: “It was a very violent thing, I was doing great, I was going to leave and when I went out the door he It started to hurt, and it was very, very hard. Despite receiving morphine while the medical team considers what to do, he has sent a reassuring message according to what the specialists have told him. “They told me not to worry too much. I am not scared of anything”.

In the late afternoon, Kiko Matamoros explained that the doctors were evaluating whether to intervene again or not / Mediaset

This morning the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ was again urgently admitted to the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Clinic, where he arrived accompanied by his partner. As explained by Kiko Hernández in the mouth of the taxi driver who has taken the couple to the hospital, the pain he was suffering was such that Matamoros himself has demanded to go to that medical center and not where he was operated on last Monday, “Because it didn’t come”. The chatter complained about very strong abdominal pain, in addition to pain in the chest and in one of his arms, a situation that apparently has worsened with the passing of the hours, since after 4:00 p.m. he was transferred to another medical center in the capital.

Kiko Matamoros, Marta López
The tertullian has returned to hospital urgently 24 hours after being discharged after having had his gallbladder removed / Gtres

Omar Suárez, a reporter for the program in which Kiko Matamoros collaborates, explained, from the doors of the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Clinic, that the doctors who had complications after the intervention on Monday have led to a pancreatitis, so they have decided to transfer him to another hospital. The father of Laura Matamoros, who had to have gone to work today to ‘Save me’, has conveyed her discomfort to her partner and friend Kiko Hernández, who has been very concerned about her words. “In these years I have never heard him say that he was so extremely bad,” he said, looking sad and worried.

Kiko Matamoros
Kiko Matamoros has been transferred to another hospital suffering from pancreatitis caused by complications after his gallbladder operation / Mediaset

It was Matamoros himself who, through his social networks, explained hours after coming up from the operating room that everything had gone perfectly. And he did it by publishing an image of himself from the hospital bed: «Thank you to all of you who have taken an interest in my health. Everything went perfectly ». After 48 hours of statutory admission after such an operation, Kiko left the medical center smiling and accompanied by her girl, who has not separated from her at any time.

His health problems coincide with a bad family stage. Marta López’s comment explaining that Anita Matamoros had been the only one who had not contacted them to take an interest in her father’s health, raised alarm bells. Kiko himself confirmed that the relationship is null, to the point that neither his daughter has asked about him, nor has he congratulated him on his 20th birthday. History repeats itself, but we look forward to the prompt improvement of Kiko Matamoros.