Kiko Matamoros resurfaces after a family night

These are not good times for Kiko Matamoros who, after a difficult summer due to her health problems, also has to deal with her personal problems. But they say that ‘the penalties with bread are less’ and the collaborator has become a ‘foodie’ who does not hesitate to reserve a table in any fashionable restaurant that always boasts the best company. And although in recent months he has undergone surgery up to three times, Kiko does not give up a good feast and more when the troubles accumulate. The estrangement with his daughter Ana is taking its toll, to the point that on his return to the sets last Sunday, he could not hold back the tears when talking about the reasons why the father-daughter relationship is, at this time, non-existent.

In his reappearance on the sets, Matamoros could not hold back his tears when talking about his daughter Ana / Mediaset

And although his colleagues and friends are being a good support for him, there is nothing like family to feel comforted. This time they are his most mediatic children, Diego and Laura, who have turned to him. Gone are the quarrels between them and, making up for lost time, the two wanted to make it clear to their father that he can count on them so much, especially now that he is not having a good time.

Diego Matamoros, Carla Barber
Laura has been in charge of sharing this so familiar and ‘restorative’ evening for her father / @ _ lmflores

What better way to be with your children than sharing table and tablecloth with them, including their respective partners. The six of them enjoyed an evening with the family last night, which Laura herself was in charge of showing her more than nine hundred thousand followers through her stories. In the different videos they are seen sitting at the table tasting the succulent dinner, you can even listen to Benji Aparicio, a couple of the influencer, proposing to Diego to share his dishes. A “restorative” meeting for Kiko Matamoros, who hours later wanted to show her gratitude to her tablemates with a message accompanying an endearing photo in which she appears hugging her daughter: “Thanks to everyone who helped me feel better last night.”

The controversies with his offspring have marked his life. For much of his history with Makoke, his estrangement from the children born in his first marriage to Marian Flores was the starting point for Diego and Laura to come to the fore. A moment in which the ins and outs of the relationship between the tertullian and his offspring were revealed and which was attributed to the influence of his second wife. After several confrontations between them, and after its separation from the malagueña, the waters have returned to their course. But not with the smallest of the clan. Precisely their divorce has caused Matamoros and Ana not only not to speak to each other, but they are also in the middle of a war where Marta López is also one of the victims.