Kiko Rivera lives one of her hardest moments on television

«If Irene Rosales were not by my side, perhaps I would not be alive». That’s how forceful it sounded Kiko rivera last Saturday night during his interview on ‘Saturday Deluxe’. The Sevillian granted a heartbreaking interview to close a week in which he has been an unpleasant protagonist as a result of his infidelity, recognized by himself, his wife and by the messages with Techi Cabrera that she herself has brought to light. However, his presence on the set ended up becoming a kind of therapy for a man who has been having a terrible time for many months.

Kiko did not want to hide and from the beginning made her intentions clear: «I have come to settle the issue and give my wife her place, the one she deserves, because with her things are fine. There are things that are lies and others that are true, but they are already part of the past. I have made many mistakes in my life and this is one more. What about Techi is a lie, what about Chabeli, the same, but what about Alicia (the waitress from ‘Hoyo Sevilla’) is true ». And it all started in an unexpected way, with the two of them smoking outside the disco. She was cold, he lent her his jacket and the next day they started talking on WhatsApp: “With the stupidity of the damn jacket, we started talking. I haven’t had anything with her but she caught me at a time when I wasn’t okay with Irene. I fooled around with her. They did not become physical ‘horns’ this time, but other times: «I have been unfair to my wife many times under the influence of drugs». First bomb

The abyss of Kiko Rivera

The affair of infidelities and his addiction to toxic substances (affirmed by himself in ‘GH DÚO’) led Irene Rosales’ husband to publicly acknowledge the hell he has lived since he left drugs. Kiko is mired in a depression From which he cannot get out: «I am a very complicated person, that sometimes I don’t even love myself. My life is no party. I have something, for something comes. I’m in a very screwed up moment, I’m in the basement, in the bloody basement. He does not deserve to think that way, I really am down. I am not happy with what I have achieved working, I am disappointed, I feel useless ». Between sobs, Kiko eternally thanked Irene Rosales for the support she has always given him: “If he weren’t by my side, he wouldn’t be alive. If I lose her now, I don’t know what would become of me ».

Isabel Pantoja’s call

Kiko Rivera received a lot of support during her toughest interview. From María Patiño to the calls from Irene Rosales herself or her cousin Anabel Pantoja. The mother of his children forgave the infidelityIt won’t let you down and encouraged you to get ahead.

However, the moment of the night was yet to come. Isabel Pantoja went live by phone and he showed his amazement at the situation of his son, of which he was completely ignorant: «You never told me. Before you always told me everything. I need to hear you daily. I could not because you were in your things, “he began to reproach him. «Never in your life will you be on the ground, only when it touches you. As long as your mother has life, your wife who feels adoration for you and a family that we die for you, you will not be on the ground, we have never left you alone ».

Kiko Rivera, during her interview in ‘Sábado Deluxe’ / Telecinco

The tonadillera did not like that her son gave so much importance to this emotional pothole he suffers: «I don’t want you to continue talking about these issues, Francisco, please. That makes you sick. It makes me bad. I love my son, the usual one, the happy one, the happy one, we are people, we are healthy, what you are going through is not important and I will explain why: there are many people who have passed away. Yours can be cured, those who have left no longer. Isabel Pantoja acknowledged having been “upset” after hearing the sincere plea of ​​her first-born: “Yours can be cured. I ask you, I beg you with all my soul and all that I love you: you are not where you say you are. For me you would not have left, you should have told me before. I’ve been upset. Finally, his mother held out her hand: ‘You know how bad the world of culture is now. If you can’t work and your wife is the one who has to take the money home, nothing happens, you shouldn’t feel bad. I will never let you be down or sad. I am not going to allow it, you hurt yourself and the people who love you, “he said.

After finishing the interview, Kiko Rivera confessed to feeling much better than when he arrived on set. On the morning of this Sunday, he headed home without wanting to make more statements. He has to pull forward.