Kiko Rivera's wife signs for 'Viva la Vida' and confirms her media evolution

Irene Rosales opens in the program of Emma Garcia confirming her total break with Isa Pantoja and leaves the ball on the roof of her sister-in-law

‘Viva la Vida’ continues to recruit familiar faces to occupy your chair on weekends. Carmen Borrego, Diego Arrabal, Terelu Campos or Carolina Sobe have joined a major signing this Sunday: Irene Rosales. Kiko Rivera's wife becomes a regular contributor to the Telecinco space and arrives willing to play a lot. During his first intervention as a Tertullian he has spoken long and hard about the bad relationship with Isa Pantoja.

The ex-contestant of ‘GH DÚO’ confesses that the controversy with the Peruvian remains in neutral and that they continue without addressing the word: «There are a number of things that have bothered me and circumstances that I do not accept» and is hurt with her. Irene Rosales speaks with some nostalgia about when they both had a sister-in-law relationship and even the young singer stayed to sleep in the family home of Kiko and Irene, in Seville.

Irene Rosales, in ‘Viva la Vida’ / Gtres

Irene wants to distance herself from fraternal warfare: «I do not get involved or influence anything in the things of brothers. I do not want there to be bad vibes between them ”, while confessing that the statements made by Isabel Pantoja's daughter hurt her while she was competing in the reality show:“ He told certain details of Kiko that did not come to mind… and his problem we have eaten the mother and I (…) also I have never spoken badly about her ». Yes, the collaborator does not close the door to a future reconciliation: «We need to have a conversation and talk».

The signing of Irene Rosales for ‘Viva la Vida’ confirms the media leap she has taken since she went through ‘GH DUO’. She had always been the wife of Kiko Rivera but since her adventure in Guadalix she has managed to create her own identity as a character in the social chronicle. Before, it had been decisive and crucial for the DJ to manage to abandon the drugs in which so much money he spent and that put his life in check.