King Juan Carlos passes routine tests at the DeSánchez Clinic in Barcelona

King emeritus Juan Carlos I was in Barcelona on Friday for a medical visit to the Sanchez Clinic To undergo routine tests with Dr. Manuel Sánchez, medical sources have been informed to Europa Press. Just a few months ago, remember, that the monarch underwent a medical intervention in Madrid for the placement of several baipás coronaries

El Rey, who is fully recovered from his last intervention, in August at the QuirónSalud de Pozuelo University Hospital (Madrid), continues his treatment Anti-aging normally. Juan Carlos I has been with Sánchez as a personal doctor, but had not yet had the opportunity to visit the new clinic, which opened two years ago, although they met more than 15 years ago.

Therefore, during his visit, the King joked that he is the first customer of the house although it has been operating for a couple of years, referring to his long relationship with Manuel Sánchez. The Clinic DeSánchez is dedicated to proactive medicine and well-being in a modernist building in the upper part of Barcelona, ​​Casa Alemany.

Intervention in the month of August

After the intervention of the King in Madrid last August, in full vacations, he remained in the ICU – Intensive Care Unit – for several days, but evolved favorably and was soon discharged. Moreover, the son of the Count of Barcelona has made several public appearances after the operation in San Sebastián, among other places where Juan Carlos I usually goes for leisure.

In this case, the same as the cardiac intervention of last August, is something that was already planned. "It has evolved satisfactorily during the first hours of the postoperative period," said the doctors of Felipe VI's father, and also added that "the patient is awake, with a normal neurological situation, breathing spontaneously without ventilatory support and with minimal support. vasoactive ".