Kira Miró says goodbye to her father with a message full of emotion

Four days after losing her father, the actress has spoken with a very long message in which she says she still thinks she is dreaming

Four days ago that Pepe Macdonald passed away, the father of actress Kira Miró and although there have been many headlines that have been dedicated in the local press of the Canary Islands, where he was someone well known, her daughter had not ruled on the death of her father until today.

It has been through his Instagram profile where Kira has confessed to all his followers that he still thinks he's dreaming and that, from one moment to another, her father will share moments with her that they used to enjoy together: «I still believe that I am dreaming and that you will appear with your hat and your maracas to wake me up with that morning music. Because you always had to wake up dancing!
I still think you're going to give me one of those hugs that only you know how to give because you do it with all your soul, as a good "hugger" you say you are.
I still believe that we are going to walk through the Quarries and we will have to stop every 3 meters to greet someone because, something else, but no one wins public relations.
I still think we're going to laugh together and make people laugh with your jokes and your particular sense of humor, so unique, so yours …
I still believe that I will be able to look at those eyes you have and you will make the wave with your eyebrows and your look of a seductive born.
But up there they must be a little bored and they must have claimed you too early. It is necessary that the great Pepe Macdonald liven up the world of the heavens and how, if they tell you "see you leave everything" you have chosen to go up and sing a couple of songs and throw a pair of "such and such" there.
Fly papiiiiiii fly high, that I will continue to miss you every minute and try to squeeze life as you did. «Faced with danger: courage daughter» I promise I will do it 🙏😘 »