Kiyoyasu Kagetsu

editKiyoyasu Kagetsu  
Kagetsu Kiyoyasu

  • Yōichi Kagetsu (花月陽一, Kagetsu Yōichi)
Anime Naruto Episode #186
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
  • Shūhei Sakaguchi
  • Neil Kaplan
Sex Male
  • Land of Fire
  • Kagetsu Family

Kiyoyasu Kagetsu is a citizen from the Land of Fire and a member of the Kagetsu Family.


Kiyoyasu seemed very confident in his own abilities to make people laugh.


Kiyoyasu is a tall man, with a short crop of black hair and black-coloured eyes. During the “funeral” of Tōbei Kagetsu, he wears a black suit with a white shirt and black tie underneath.

Part I

Funeral Proxy Mission

He is one of the family members attending Tōbei’s funeral. After some failed attempts from his other relatives to make Naruto Uzumaki laugh, it’s his turn to try. He walks up to the memorial of Tōbei, where he sneezes which results in a flower coming out of his nose, he then proceeds to sniff in and make it come out of the other nostril.


  • In the credits, there is a character named Yōichi Kagetsu (花月陽一, Kagetsu Yōichi), while Kiyoyasu isn’t mentioned.

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