Kodon Clan

Kodon Clan
(虎呑一族, Kodon Ichizoku)
Novel Naruto Jinraiden: The Day the Wolf Howled
Appears in Novel
Clan Data
  • Howling Wolf Village
Known Members
  • Kina Kodon
  • Reishi Kodon
  • Tenma Kodon
  • Sealing Technique: Rōen Kodon

The Kodon Clan (虎呑一族, Kodon Ichizoku) is a clan of the Howling Wolf Village. They are able to make a medicinal form of saigenzai known as Kotarō within their bodies; although only Kodon can do this, it is not a kekkei genkai. They sell Kotarō at their store, Rengyōdō (連翹堂, literally meaning: Hypericum’s Shrine).

In the past, members of the Kodon clan saved the village by sealing Rōen into their clan’s shrine. Decades later, as the village began contemplating declaring neutrality, Tenma Kodon, the clan’s leader, released Rōen in order to try and sway the village against neutrality. Tenma lost control of Rōen during the attack, and both he and his wife died in order to save the village by sealing it into their infant son, Kina. Although they had no actual proof, most of the village assumed Tenma was behind Rōen’s attacks and as such the Kodon fell into disfavour. Kina seeks to restore his family’s honour.

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