コクリ Kokuri
Anime Boruto Episode #141
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
  • Takayasu Usui
Sex Male
Status Deceased
  • Accountant
  • Mujina Bandits

Kokuri (コクリ, Kokuri) was a former accountant of the Mujina Bandits.


While originally trying to become a ninja, he failed in it, ultimately instead become an accountant. He was hired by a company to handle their money. Eventually, he learned that it was front for the Mujina Bandits. Horrified that he was helping such a shady organisation with all their stolen money, he ran away. In such a haste, he also took the recent stolen money with him. After narrowly escaping his former employers, Kokuri decided to start life anew, beginning with donating the stolen money to a medical centre. Shortly afterwards, he chanced upon a pick-pocketing between a man and a woman. He knocked out the man to help, only to later find out that it was the woman who was the thief. He was arrested as an accomplice to the woman and sent to the Hōzuki Castle.


Kokuri is a fearful and cautious individual. Despite this, he is a well-intentioned man, who upon learning the truth of his employment, decided to leave and wanted to make things right.


Kokuri is pale-complexioned man of with a long nose and narrow jaw-line with pronounced cheekbones. He is of average height and has straight black hair that reaches his chin. Like the other prisoners, he wears an orange jumpsuit with brown sandals. He also wears round-framed black glasses.


While inept in any ninjutsu, Kokuri is a strong swimmer, able to survive diving off a waterfall and swim to safety. He also is fairly strong, able to knock out a larger man with a single blow, albeit the man was caught off-guard.

New Era

Mujina Bandits Arc

After being part of the Mujina Bandits for a while, Kokuri stole some of their money and defected. He was caught for another crime, and sent to Hōzuki Castle to serve his sentence. He managed to obscure his connection to the Mujina Bandits, but expected to be killed in prison to keep their secrets. He sent word to Konohagakure he was willing to give them information about the Mujina in exchange for protection. When the Mujina’s second-in-command man, Tsukiyo arrived at the prison, Kokuri deliberately injured himself to frame Tsukiyo for attacking him, sending Tsukiyo to solitary confinement, while getting himself moved to the protected medical ward. When Boruto arrived, he at first suspected Boruto of being there to kill him when he asks for Kokuri, and restrained him after knocking him out. After verifying Boruto’s story, he released him. When Boruto was sent back to general population, someone sneaked into the medical ward and stabbed him.

Later, with secret aid from Boruto and his team, the warden Mujō was able to transfer Kokuri to Boruto’s cell. As Kokuri was so relieved to be with protection, the guards began scrambling about in desperate search. It was revealed that three days ago, one of the prison’s all-access passes went missing, meaning a prisoner could have stolen it. As Boruto and Mitsuki concluded that it was one of their cell-mates due to the pass’s disappearance only being possible when Boruto was escorted from his cell to the hospital wing, one of their cell-mates must be the culprit of both acts. Ultimately, they discovered the Arai was the culprit, quickly turning the man in to the guards.

Later, Boruto asked to talk with Kokuri secretly. Suddenly, Tsukiyo appeared and quickly overpowered Boruto. He demanded to know where the money was. Desperate to help Boruto, Kokuri confessed that he donated all the stolen money. “Tsukiyo” was then revealed to be a genjutsu created by Sarada Uchiha, another undercover Konoha-nin, as test to see if Kokuri was trustworthy. Realising that Kokuri could be trusted, Boruto promised to safely get Kokuri to Konohagakure. Later, Mujō suddenly fell ill and was rushed to the medical wing. Unable to continue his duties, full authority of the prison was given to Benga, whose first decision was to have Kokuki transferred to Hōzoki Castle #2. When they learned that the second site housed several Mujina Bandits, Boruto decided that Kokuri would have to be broken out before the transfer happened.

They learned of a supply ship that regularly comes to the prison. Also, knowing they would require a great deal of water to counter the seal on Kokuri, Team 7 sabotaged the water line, knowing it would force the guards to use a backup line that they could gather water from. As the night drew closer and there was no sign from Sarada about her part of the mission, the group grew concerned. However, the group decided to trust Sarada and move forward with the plan. During their escape, Kokuri remained concerned by Sarada’s lack of communication, despite reassurances from Boruto. When Benga discovered it, he sent a two-headed, fire-breathing hound after them. Mitsuki and Boruto defeated it, but Benga had the old water tank drained. Benga and the hound caught up to them, and in an attempt to flee, Kokuri triggered his Heavenly Prison, which began burning him from the inside. Sarada appeared, and breaking part of the ground, released the spring tide, which washed away the jutsu and their enemies. Outside the castle, Kokuri celebration was cut short when the group was attacked by Tsukiyo.

Using his array of shadow-manipulation techniques, he was able to pressure the genin. Growing desperate, Kokuri gave Boruto a notebook of all the data he had on the Mujina Bandits in case he didn’t survive. As the Konoha-nin began to tire, Kokuri saw through the enemy technique’s weakness to light, giving the Konoha-nin the knowledge they needed to overpower and defeat the foe. Despite this defeat, he was able to snatch Kokuri, where once unseen underwater, Tsukiyo was revealed to be the Mujina leader, Shojoji, who used his Corpse Clone Technique to devour Kokuri, completing Shojoji’s silencing the traitor.


Kokuri’s form was used by Shojoji to escape the prison. Despite Shojoji’s goal of preventing information of the Mujina Bandits from being leaked out by Kokuri, Kokuri’s final efforts proved fruitful. Having given Konohagakure his notebook all the knowledge of the Mujina Bandits, it greatly crippled the organisation’s secrecy.

During Boruto’s attack against Shojoji in order to rescue Tentō Madoka, Shojoji revealed in detail what truly happened during their escape from Hōzuki Castle, and Kokuri’s fate. Team 7 was deeply saddened to hear of Kokuri’s demise.


  • Depending on how it’s written, “Kokuri” can mean one of the following:
    • Written as 国利, it means “national interests”.
    • Written as 酷吏, it means “unsparing official” or “unmerciful administrator”.
    • Written as こくり or コクリ, it denotes an onomatopoeia for “nodding”, “dozing off” or “suddenly”.

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