紺ツチ Kontsuchi
Anime Boruto Episode #78
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
  • Fumitake Ishiguro
  • Todd Haberkorn
Sex Male
  • Iwagakure

Kontsuchi (紺ツチ, Kontsuchi) is a citizen of Iwagakure.


Kontsuchi has light brown hair with a beard and grey pupiless eyes. He wears a red and white high-collared robe with a dark turtleneck long-sleeved shirt with a zipper underneath and long pants with shinobi sandals. His attire has a unique style such as a short left sleeve, a long right sleeve, and a long hem on the right side of his waist. He also wears black gloves.

New Era

Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc

Kontsuchi was present when the Fourth Tsuchikage received a phone call from Seventh Hokage. After Kurotsuchi promised Naruto about investigating matters and safely capturing and bringing three Konoha genin that unofficially were tracking the attackers in the goal of retrieving Mitsuki, Kontsuchi was also shown concerned.

Later, after checking on the elderly Third Tsuchikage’s health, Kontsuchi talked with Kurotsuchi on how best to handle the situation without attracting too much attention. As he suggested talking to his Anbu nephew, Kontsuchi was knocked out by Kū and his artificial humans. Afterwards, Kontsuchi was placed under genjutsu by Kirara, and was made to take all calls at the Tsuchikage’s office, telling callers that Kurotsuchi was away on a private mission.

When Kirara’s body began failing her, the genjutsu she placed on Kontsuchi faded, causing him to collapse and alerting other officials on something being off in the village. After coming to, Kontsuchi decided to call the other villages about recent events. Before he could do so, Kū and his army abducted him again and took over the entire village. While captured, he began planning with his fellow shinobi on how best to handle the situation without endangering the defenceless villagers. Kontsuchi and the others were later rescued by the Fourth Tsuchikage, who was freed by a masked man. Kontsuchi then joined the Tsuchikage with all other able shinobi to take down the Akuta. After the Fabrications’ defeat, Kontsuchi attended the Third Tsuchikage’s funeral with the Five Kage.

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