Lady Di's son helps Meghan find a job

After the Dukes of Sussex decided to move away from their status as "senior" members within the British Royal Family to be "financially independent," the time has come to begin their new life. Prince Harry and his wife have set to work and have decided to 'pull contacts' to find work and achieve economic stability for themselves.

The idea of ​​forming a new life was already coming from behind. Proof of this is the appearance of both at the premiere of The Lion King in London, specifically in the Ordeon theater. It was there that Meghan confessed to singer Pharrell Williams his dissatisfaction with the difficulties he faced in his life as royal.

Prince Harry also took advantage of Robert Iger, president of The Walt Disney CompanyHe was at the event and spoke wonders of his wife. Lady Di's youngest son showed the businessman the interest of the exactriz to make the voice off of one of the company's next productions. Robert, who was unaware of this secret talent of the royal, was surprised by his readiness for the work and did not hesitate to have it.

This same weekend, The times echoed the agreement signed between the duchess and the giant of children's entertainment, in which Kate Middleton's sister-in-law will give voice to one of the characters of a work whose title is still unknown.

This would be an economic benefit for the duchess, but it will go to Elephants Whitout Brother, one of the wildlife protection organizations with which the Dukes of Sussex are committed.

Although the contract has not been liked by Windsor, Meghan seems to be delighted with her new bond with Disney. In addition, Winnie de Pooh is the favorite book of Doria Ragland's daughter and the entity made a short short as a gift for the birth of little Archie.