Latin America is already the new epicenter of the pandemic that reaches 340,000 deaths worldwide

The new coronavirus pandemic originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan has already left 338,000 fatalities and more of 5.2 million infected people worldwide, with the United States adding almost 24,000 cases in the last 24 hours and Latin America on the way to becoming a new epicenter of the epidemic, according to the latest balance from Johns Hopkins University.

According to data updated at 8:30 am this Saturday, the global balance of the coronavirus amounts to 5,213,557 cases and 338,232 fatalities in 188 countries and territories.

On a positive note, the total number of people recovered rose to over two million people, with the United States at the top of the list, with 350,135 people cured, followed by Germany, with 159,064 patients saved, and Spain, with 150,376.

The United States remains the country most affected by the pandemic and has added 23,800 cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 1.6 million infected people and 96,007 fatalities.

In recent hours, Brazil has become the second most affected country in the world by number of cases, with 330,890 positives and 21,048 deaths. However, its position could change in the coming hours when Russia publishes its balance sheet this Saturday. Despite being now the third country with the most cases of coronavirus, 326,448 infections, Russia registers the lowest number of fatalities of all the countries that accumulate more than 100,000 infections: 3,249 deaths.

Next, the United Kingdom remains with 255,544 infections and 36,475 deaths, followed by Spain (234,824 cases and 28,628 deaths), Italy (228,658 positive and 32,616 deaths), France (182,015 infections and 28,218 fatalities), Germany (179,710 positive and 8,228 deceased), and Turkey (154,500 positive and 4,276 fatalities).

Closing the group of more than 100,000 infections are Iran, which accounts for 131,652 people infected and 7,300 dead, India with a total of 125,149 cases and 3,728 deaths, and the latest addition after a new daily record of infections: Peru, which now totals 111,698 positive and 3,244 dead.

China, the country where the pandemic originated, remains below 90,000 infections, with 84,081 cases and 4,638 deaths, followed by Canada, with 83,947 infections and 6,360 deaths.

Next, Saudi Arabia records 67,719 people with coronaviruses and 364 deaths, Mexico accumulates 62,527 cases and 6,989 deaths, Chile has 61,857 infected people and 630 deaths, Belgium has 56,511 infected and 9,212 fatalities and Pakistan counts 52,437 cases and 1,101 deaths.

The Netherlands exceeds 45,000 infected while Qatar, Ecuador, Belarus, Sweden, Singapore, Switzerland, Portugal and Bangladesh have more than 30,000 cases.

Over 20,000 cases are the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Indonesia, Poland, Ukraine and South Africa and over 10,000 are Kuwait, Colombia, Romania, Israel, Japan, Austria, Egypt, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Denmark, South Korea , Serbia, Argentina and Panama.

Afghanistan is the only country in the arc of 9,000 cases (9,216 infections, specifically), while the Czech Republic, Norway and Bahrain have more than 8,000 people with coronaviruses. Kazakhstan, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Malaysia and Australia accumulate more than 7,000 positives, ahead of Moldova, Oman, Finland and Ghana, which accumulate more than 6,000 infected. Armenia and Bolivia complete the list with more than 5,000 coronavirus positives.