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The British Government plans to increase the requirements for entry into the United Kingdom in order to "improve the security" of the country and "regain control of the borders." The new measures, which approach the Electronic Travel Authorization System (THIS) American, would also affect European tourists, who until now only needed an identification card.

The Conservative Party has launched this proposal whereby, in case they win the elections, all tourists who want to travel to the United Kingdom must submit your passport and fill out an online form. As he explained on Sunday Priti Patel, Secretary of Interior, this will give officials a "greater opportunity to detect arrivals and block the entry of those considered a threat."

Likewise, all visitors will also have to declare their criminal record and it is expected that in the future, biometric data, such as fingerprints, can also be requested. The announcement of this plan to increase immigration control occurs three days after the attack last Friday on the London Bridge in which two people died and three others were injured.

These measures will not only affect tourists, importers will have to provide information on the products that arrive as part of an attempt to take strong measures against smuggling. "Sadly, every day they enter drugs and firearms from Europe, fueling violence and addiction in our streets, "Patel justified.

New immigration system

"When people voted to leave in 2016, they voted to regain control of our borders. After brexit we will present a immigration system based on Australian-style points and we will take steps to improve the security of the United Kingdom, "Patel said.

"The consequences of the European Union law that limits our border capacity come to mind every day. I am committed to doing everything possible to secure the border." For this reason, Patel says that the implementation of these electronic systems will allow them to "know who and how many people are in the country, and identify people who have breached the terms of their visa, in addition to restrict illegal immigration".

Conservatives say that some EU countries are still issuing paper identification cards, which would represent "a serious security risk." According to the Minister of Interior, each year it is reported that more than 1,000 citizens from outside the EU seek to enter through fraudulent use of community documentation.

These measures to restrict immigration have been outlined despite the fact that in 2019 the data on immigration net in United Kingdom have dropped to its lowest level since 2009, according to reports released in February by the National Statistical Office of the country.