Lopesan Hotel Group returns to tourism on July 7

Lopesan Hotel Group It returns to tourist activity on July 7 with the reopening of the Lopesan Baobab Resort, becoming the first establishment to open its doors in Gran Canaria, after the declaration of the state of alert last April.

The reopening of Lopesan Baobab is accompanied by the implementation of a meticulous prevention protocol for COVID-19 (see ‘LHG hotels reopening protocol’), Which has the verification and support of the international consulting firm HS Consulting. All the measures that make up this dossier comply with the guide of standards recommended by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the competent health authorities.

The safety of our clients, collaborators and workers is a priority, so the reopening of all our hotels will be accompanied by the Lopesan Health and Safety quality seal (attached), which has had the collaboration of the IMS Medical Group hospital group, as well as of medical doctors from Grupo Hospitalario Quirón and Hospital Clínico de Barcelona. The Lopesan Hotel Group seal includes a QR code so that guests can access, at all times, the most important information on the LHG hotels reopening protocol.

The comprehensive prevention program of COVID-19 created by Lopesan Hotel Group and HS Consulting focuses on the development of three main axes: ensuring social distancing, implementation of cleaning and disinfection protocols, and identification measures for vulnerable people .

Lopesan Baobab Resort @Lopesan

Ensure social distancing

Lopesan Hotel Group will have a system adapted to reinforce the control and management of the measures developed, which will allow, through a mobile application, the advanced digitization of all procedures and records. In this sense, one of the outstanding services will be the ‘Online Check-in’, which will minimize to the maximum the direct contact between people and the surfaces of the common areas. Guests will have numerous hydroalcoholic gel spots and both water and air will be purified and sanitized.

The common areas of the hotel will be conditioned and will have abundant signage information that will facilitate social distancing, through capacity controls and active or passive protection measures. The use of masks will be mandatory by the staff, who will have all kinds of personal protective equipment depending on the work they perform. In addition, the Lopesan Baobab Resort, like the rest of the company’s hotels, will have a specific isolation area, which plays an essential role in the action protocol when detecting a possible case of infection.

Cleaning and disinfection protocols

The regulations regarding the protocols for cleaning and disinfecting rooms, common areas and sterilization of kitchens and kitchen utensils, are in continuous transformation, so the HS Consulting company will be responsible for updating each of the hygiene measures, as well as its correct start-up. In this sense, the Lopesan Group will have the PCR technology, developed by the HS LAB laboratory, for the detection of microorganisms and is committed to providing the client with a ‘COVID-19-free’ room, completely clean and disinfected.

Lopesan Hotel Group has adapted its restaurant service to current health regulations, reducing human contact with products, intensifying the bioresponsible use of single doses of hot and cold food, introducing the use of partitions, as structural barriers, and creating a program COVID-19 continual prevention training course for all company personnel.

Measures to identify vulnerable people

The HS Consulting technical team, made up of Health Sciences practitioners, biologists, pharmacists, biochemists, veterinarians and experts in One Health, will be in charge of promoting internal communication, ensuring that each department knows the different lines of action set for the prevention of COVID-19. The temperature of each worker will be checked before and after each working day, which will be organized in fixed shifts to identify and isolate possible contagion groups quickly and efficiently.

Likewise, Lopesan Hotel Group will develop a communication plan for the client so that they are informed at all times about the measures put in place by the hotel in order to guarantee their safety. In the event that the guest needs to clarify any type of doubt, related to the protocols designed by the company, each hotel will have a person in charge of sanitary security, to help them and make it easier for all our clients to enjoy a satisfactory experience during their stay. holidays.