Luis Rubiales: "Playing the Classic one Wednesday at noon is nonsense" | Barcelona

Luis Rubiales reviewed current affairs at the Valencian Community party. The president of the Spanish Football Federation did not leave any question in the inkwell and attacked the League for suggesting an impractical schedule for the Classic to be played.

The Classic at noon

"It is nonsense, an occurrence, that the Classic will be played at 13.00. You can not and I do not believe that the League does not meet its schedules, it would be insane that they do not respect their own rules. They will not do it. It will be played. when you have to play, in the evening. "

Supercup in Arabia?

"On Monday we will appear and answer all the questions. We ask for your patience and a little respect, we want to be rigorous."

Strike in women's football

"There is a proposal. What we want is to be respected and all matches can be televised. The clubs offer some amounts, the players asked for others and we would put the amount left to get what they ask for."

The game in Miami

"FIFA said very clearly that a national league game one has to play at home, I do not say so. It seems that Thebes has created that culture of taking everything to court. It is a shame what we have."