Lydia Lozano gives her opinion on the dispute between Belén Esteban and Mila Ximénez

Despite having reached the final, the step of Mila Ximenez by 'GH VIP’Has been questioned by many. His innumerable calls for attention and his weekly flight warnings have caused part of the public to stand against him. Nevertheless, if somebody's surprise the negative allegations are from Belén Esteban. The television collaborator has asked for the expulsion of her partner on several occasions, an amazing performance knowing her close and long-standing friendship. At the moment, the collaborator is still in the contest and outside the controversy is served. How will Mila Ximénez feel to know the opinion of Belén Esteban? How do the rest of the colleagues take this job separation? Lydia Lozano tells everything in this video. Hit the play!