Macron and Conte issue vacation checks to relaunch tourism while Pedro Sánchez resists

One of the sectors most affected by the health and economic crisis that the coronavirus has generated is tourism. From the moment the first positives were detected, there was a sudden halt in tourist movements. Now Europe wants to reactivate it, since they are at stake 27 million direct jobs and the future of more than two million companies in the eurozone.

In this scenario, Emmanuel Macron and Giuseppe Conte They are committed to relaunching tourism by promoting national destinations with holiday checks. In the meantime, Pedro Sánchez he refuses to imitate the plan of his European counterparts, after imposing a quarantine on international travelers.

Italy opens to tourism

The Conte government was the first to put on the table the idea of ​​a holiday check for citizens with fewer resources, destined to favor tourism within the transalpine country under the name of Va vacanze bonus ’.

Specifically, Italy has approved a new stimulus package worth 55,000 million, the largest in its history, which includes incentives in the form of bonuses of up to 500 euros to redeem them in hotels and national hostels. The beneficiaries? Households with incomes that do not exceed 40,000 euros per year.

In addition, Italy has opened the ban on hunting foreign tourists. The Conte Government has already set a date for opening of its borders to international tourists and it will be the next 3 of June. A measure that joins the cancellation of the mandatory 14-day isolation, while Sánchez defends that now is the appropriate time to implement the quarantine.

France takes out the artillery

Macron has joined the initiative of his Italian counterpart, after the announcement of a package of measures with a departure from 18,000 million euros. Its objective? Save the summer season with a plan to revive tourism in the face of the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

The French Government has announced the issuance of vacation checks to promote national tourism targeting the French with fewer resources and groups that have fought on the front line against the coronavirus, such as sanitary.

Tourism is probably facing the worst test in its modern history. His rescue is a national priority, “said the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, which has encouraged the French to “make reservations”, stressing that “the actors in the tourism and hotel sector have pledged to guarantee full reimbursement in case the evolution of the epidemic does not allow them to go on vacation”.

The Macron Government has transferred its intention to “accompany both the recovery and the reactivation of a sector”, which represents around 8% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) French and two million jobs.

Other countries of the European Union such as Poland They have also released a vacation check of more than 200 euros to spend on domestic trips. Despite being one of the European countries least affected by the coronavirus crisis thanks to its rapid action against the pandemic.

Europe on the hunt for tourists

Europe has opened the ban on hunting international and national tourists, while in Sánchez he remains unmoved without a road map to start the locomotive of the economy. The Government has only implemented restrictions for a sector that contributes 15% to GDP and that moves almost 15% of the Spanish working population. At stake: more than two million jobs.

Despite the fact that the Executive defends that the time is now appropriate to implement the quarantine, other countries adopted this measure a month and a half earlier, as in the case of United States or China. In this way, the Government further increases the distrust of travelers who were planning to visit Spain this summer.