Madrid accelerates in the race for the Champions League

A few months ago it seemed like a utopia, but suddenly Madrid He has entered the race to host the Champions League and it seems that he is gaining positions. The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, confirmed that they are holding talks to host the final (or final phase) of the European competition par excellence and the capital of Spain has become one of the favorites to host the resolution of the tournament that is scheduled for the month of August.

The situation of the Champions is the next. Initially, the final was to be held on May 30 at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, but the coronavirus crisis has caused them to get off the ship in the Turkish capital. It is not yet official, but in the next few days the resignation of Istanbul, who could not bear the costs because the final would have to be played without the presence of the public in the stands.

Given this situation, Lisbon emerged as the great favorite to host the Champions League final, but the rise in coronavirus cases in the Portuguese capital also casts doubt on this venue. Only this Tuesday, in the Lisbon region, 386 new infections and for a few weeks the situation in the neighboring country has been worrying. For this reason, Frankfurt got into the fight to host the most important match of the year at club level and now it is Madrid which also aims to host the final, as it already did with outstanding results last season.

Thus, José Luis Martínez-Almeida recognized in an interview with 13TV that Madrid is already negotiating with UEFA to host the Champions League final. «I know that there are steps in this regard. And from the City Council I want to show total and absolute support for the Champions League final to be played in Madrid », pointed out the mayor of Madrid who has been one of the politicians who has done the best in the coronavirus crisis. With a decrease in cases evident in recent weeks, the capital of Spain is now presented as the great favorite to show itself again to the world.

Doubts with the format of the Champions

The dates and venue of the new Champions will be decided next Wednesday June 17 in the UEFA Executive Committee. During the break due to the coronavirus, the highest European body encouraged the various national leagues to finish the competitions during the month of July to leave the month of August clean to settle the Champions League. Hence, the resolution of the competition is quarantined and there is nothing official.

At first it was fantasized with a resolution with the current format with the only difference of the stadiums behind closed doors, then there was talk of the end to four and the last option filtered by various means is to end the tournament in the same venue from quarterfinals. For this, it would also be necessary to solve the knockout round of 16 where they are immersed Real Madrid and Barcelona. As of today, making cabal about the new format is science fiction, but what is clear is that Madrid has entered the race to host the new Champions and may end up winning.