Malú undergoes surgery 3 months after giving birth to her daughter with Albert Rivera

Just a few days ago the best news for Malu after being a mother, her return to work. In addition to returning to ‘La Voz’ as a coach, she will also participate in a new space called ‘Mask Singer: Guess Who Sings’, where the Madrilenian will be part of a team of ‘researchers’ who will have to guess who is the person hiding behind the disguise with which she will perform a performance that will make her continue, or not, in the program. Two programs that surely make you very excited, but that you will have to wait and that is the artist is going through a health slump.

Malú has been admitted to the same hospital where she gave birth / Gtres

This is what the magazine ‘Hello!’ In scoop, which has revealed this Saturday that the singer was operated a few days ago. The intervention took place in the same center where she gave birth, the HM Puerta del Sur hospital, located in the Madrid town of Móstoles, where entered last Thursday. According to the media, Malú was intervened for a herniated disc That apparently gave him no problems, because just a few hours later he was able to go home to rest.

At his side were both his partner, the former politician Albert Rivera, like her mother, Pepi Benítez, her great support on and off stage. As a curiosity, the aforementioned digital adds that the room in which the interpreter of songs such as ‘You have taught me’ or ‘Weaving wings’ was the same where she was when she gave birth, so you will have been able to relive the moment of your daughter’s birth.

Albert Rivera and Malú
The HM Puerta del Sur hospital in Móstoles has become a key place in the love story of Malú and Albert Rivera / Efe

The HM Puerta del Sur Hospital in Móstoles has become a key place in the love story of Malú and Albert Rivera. It was precisely there, outside the medical center, when they could be seen for the first time together, shortly after the former citizen leader was discharged after being admitted for acute gastroenteritis.

Back to work

Albert rivera
Albert Rivera already has an official date to present his book / Instagram

Despite the intervention, everything indicates that the artist’s work plans are still in place, as well as those of her partner. This coming Tuesday September 22 Albert Rivera will officially present his book, ‘A Free Citizen’, something that I should have done several months ago but had to be postponed because of the coronavirus,