Man arrested after fracturing skull of 9-year-old daughter after hitting her

The National Police has arrested in the town of Móstoles (Madrid) a man accused of mistreating his wife and three children repeatedly for years, and even fractured his skull his 9 year old daughter, who managed to hide alleging that it was a fall of the electric scooter.

According to the detainee’s version, everything happened last May when the daughter, 9-year-old riding his electric scooter at home and had a fall hitting him hard on the head. According to what happened, his parents did not give him importance because the minor did not present any ailment. Around three in the morning, the mother woke up from snoring that she heard in the room, finding her daughter unconscious.

The girl was immediately transferred to the hospital where she had to undergo an emergency operation due to the severe injury she presented. As a result of this, the Family Care Unit reported to the National Police who launched an investigation into what happened.

The agents went to the hospital where they interviewed the parents and ended up deciding that the story of both it was “confusing and somewhat implausible”, so a more in-depth investigation of this family from Móstoles (Madrid) began. At the insistence of the police, the mother ended up collapsing in her story, and confessed the truth of what happened.

According to its new version, she was in the kitchen when she heard her husband argue with the girl and later a strong blow. When she got to the living room, the girl was on the floor crying and covering her face. His partner then took the girl to the room and left her there without the mother being able to see her. When the husband fell asleep, the mother went to the room and found that she was unconscious.

In addition, the woman confessed that she was victims of abuse for years, her 9-year-old daughter and the other two minors. On May 29, the agents arrested this individual. accused of an alleged perpetrator of a crime of domestic and gender violence, injuries and family abuse,