Man arrested in Nijar for pointing a customer at a gun after an argument over the price of watermelons

The Civil Guard has arrested a man accused of serious threats after shooting a client with a shotgun after a heated argument over the price of watermelons. The event occurred in Níjar (Almería) and the detainee has already been brought to justice.

According to the police, it all started when the detainee and one of his clients began to argue about the price of a kilo of watermelons in one of the shops in the town of Almería. At one point, the vendor entered the store’s warehouse and took out a shotgun to target the customer in the chest.

Soon after, a Civil Guard patrol ran into this suffocated client who could barely speak. Once he was able to tell what happened to the agents, they appeared in the detainee’s establishment, using extreme security measures. They located the vendor and his shotgun, which turned out be of 12 gauge.

The guards once checked the establishment found that the shotgun was loaded with two cartridges, in addition to the detainee carried a fanny pack with 59 cartridges of this same shotgun. The detainee, 49 years old, and resident in Níjar (Almería), was taken to the guard courts.