マナリ Manari
Novel Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy
Appears in Novel
Sex Female
  • Land of Redaku
  • Nanara (Brother)

Manari (マナリ, Manari) is the daughter of the Land of Redaku’s previous king.


After her father’s death, Manari’s younger brother, Nanara, was the first choice to replace him as King of Redaku. Nanara did not want the job and pressured Manari to become Queen in his place. She did so without complaint. Afterwards, the Prime Minister and his allies convinced Manari to send Nanara to Nagare Village, arguing that Nanara was too young to grow up in the palace; Manari agreed. To Nanara, it was obvious that Manari was being manipulated by her advisors into doing this, but he had no personal objections and so said nothing. Nanara in fact made no contact with Manari after leaving the palace, as he feared that she would come to resent the job and hate Nanara for forcing it upon her. In truth, Manari bore him no ill-will.

As monarch of the Land of Redaku, Manari became responsible for using the Shuigu to provide water to the country. She attempted to use the Shuigu to make rain around the capital city, but instead created a flood that washed away the city’s crops and drowned its livestock. The Prime Minister covered up what happened, explaining to the city’s residents that the flood was caused by an overflowing river. A famine struck the city’s impoverished neighborhoods afterwards, and the water shortage became a worsening problem. Despite this, Manari refused to try using the Shuigu again, fearing she would once again make things worse. The Prime Minister claimed not to know why the Shuigu disobeyed Manari in the first place, instead theorising that it somehow deemed Manari unfit of using it.


Manari is described as being in her mid-teens, with straight black hair down to her shoulders.

New Era

Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy

Nearly a year after Manari became Queen, the Prime Minister reports the deteriorating conditions within the capital city. He warns that if nothing was done soon, news of the famine would start to spread to the country’s outlying settlements, which until now have remained ignorant of what’s been happening in the capital. Manari contemplates giving up the monarchy altogether, as she’s unwilling to try using the Shuigu again. She suggests having Nanara use the Shuigu to see if he would be any more successful, but the Prime Minister argues against this, saying that he’s too immature. With no other ideas, Manari defers to the Prime Minister’s judgement, trusting that he will know how best to help the country.

The Prime Minister recommends taking the water that Redaku needs from some other country; he believes the Land of Fire would be the easiest target. Because Redaku has no standing army, fifty shinobi are hired to carry out the invasion. Manari approves all of this. To mark the one year anniversary of their father’s death, Nanara is recalled to the palace. Manari greets him warmly when he arrives and asks him about life in Nagare Village. She also secretly gifts him a blue gem that belonged to their father as a memento; she urges him not to let the Prime Minister see it. During dinner later, the Prime Minister updates some politicians about how plans for the invasion are progressing. Manari tries not to involve herself in the discussion, but when Nanara overhears what the Prime Minister is saying she is forced to explain to him about the water shortage.

During Nanara’s visit to the palace, the city’s reserves of water are mysteriously replenished, stopping the death toll from rising any further. Manari finds this too coincidental and questions Nanara’s tutor, Kakashi Hatake, about it, apparently suspecting he’s responsible. Kakashi claims to know nothing about it, but he does recommend to her that she try to solve the water shortage directly rather than hope the water will continue replenishing itself. Nanara chimes in by asking why Manari doesn’t use the Shuigu to end the drought. Manari becomes embarrassed and storms off.

Manari plans to accompany the invasion force to the Land of Fire, and so travels with the army to Nagare Village, where the army will set out from. Nanara and Kakashi, having already returned to Nagare, decide to oppose the invasion and fortify the village from access by the army, so that the soldiers cannot take the villagers’ food. This rebellion upsets Manari, but she says nothing to stop the Prime Minister from ordering a siege against the village. When the villagers stage a counterattack, Manari and the Prime Minister retreat to a high cliff, to watch the battle from. Manari becomes horrified by the fighting she witnesses, but does not know what to do.

The Prime Minister encourages Manari to use the Shuigu against the villagers, but Manari refuses, afraid of once again doing more harm than good. The Prime Minister becomes annoyed by her unwillingness and takes the Shuigu from her, expertly using it to try and wash away the approaching Nanara. Manari watches helplessly, mystified about why the Shuigu obeys the Prime Minister. After Kakashi rescues Nanara, he explains that to use the Shuigu requires signing its contract, something the Prime Minister intentionally hid from her in order to undermine her rule. The Prime Minister attempts to use the Shuigu against Manari, but he is blocked by Kakashi and ultimately defeated.

Afterwards, Manari encourages Nanara to sign the Shuigu’s contract, arguing that the ease with which the Prime Minister manipulated her proves she’s unworthy of its power. Although this would make Nanara the King of Redaku, he does not refuse this responsibility as he did the year before. Nanara uses the Shuigu to create a gentle rain, which Manari happily basks in. They return to the capital city, where Manari hopes to be punished for her role in the attack on Nagare Village. Nanara instead makes her his assistant, responsible for helping him with paperwork, navigating the bureaucracy, and the general task of rebuilding the country.

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