マーゴ Māgo
Novel Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy
Appears in Novel
Sex Female
  • Land of Redaku
  • Gigi (fiancé)

Margo (マーゴ, Māgo) is the caretaker of Nanara, the Land of Redaku’s prince.


Margo originally lived in Redaku’s capital city, working as a maid in the royal palace. She initially lacked any specific role within the palace, instead broadly serving the royal family or their guests as needed. A few years prior to the events of Sasuke Retsuden, Redaku’s Prime Minister assigned Margo to be the personal maid of Gigi, a shinobi from Sunagakure temporarily living within the palace. In time, Gigi fell in love with Margo and lost interest in returning to Suna, much less continuing as a shinobi.

Gigi and Margo tried to keep their relationship a secret, but the Prime Minister nevertheless found out. Rather than punish either of them, the Prime Minister offered to allow their relationship to continue on the condition that Gigi spend a year helping one of the Prime Minister’s allies, Zansūru. Gigi agreed and, without going into detail about what he would be doing with Zansūru, promised Margo he would return to her as soon as the year was up.

Just as his year with Zansūru was nearly completed, Gigi was informed that Margo had died, the victim of an epidemic ravaging the capital city; the Prime Minister even sent Gigi a copy of her death certificate. In truth, Margo was fine, and was unaware of the lies Gigi was being told. Around the same time, the Prime Minister assigned Margo to accompany prince Nanara to the remote Nagare Village. During the year living in Nagare, Margo cooked and cleaned for Nanara and arranged for new tutors whenever his pranks inevitably drove off his previous tutor.

New Era

Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy

While Nanara is in the middle of pretending to be the Sixth Hokage, Margo interrupts him to call him to his morning lessons. Nanara tries to remind her that he doesn’t have a tutor, prompting Margo to correct him: Kakashi Hatake has just arrived to teach him. Like other women in the village, Margo is attracted to Kakashi and discreetly watches him while preparing meals. A few weeks after Kakashi arrives in Nagare Village, Nanara is summoned back to the royal palace. He is unwilling to go until Kakashi reminds him that Margo will likely be punished if he refuses; Nanara finally agrees, relieving Margo. Kakashi accompanies Nanara to the palace, leaving Margo behind.

When Nanara returns from the palace, he informs Margo and the rest of the village that the Prime Minister will be sending troops to Nagare for a few days, and that it will be the village’s responsibility to feed them during their stay. Although she doesn’t understand the need for soldiers, she tries to remain optimistic, believing there will be enough food to feed both the soldiers and the villagers. This is not actually true: there’s only enough food for either the soldiers or the villagers, not both. As a result, Kakashi fortifies the village against the soldiers, placing the village against the Prime Minister and his plans to invade the Land of Fire.

Margo is initially unwilling to join Kakashi in defying the Prime Minister, wishing instead to return to the old life she had in the royal palace. After Nanara is able to get in contact with the Seventh Hokage and establish an alternative to the invasion, Margo has a change of heart, refusing the opportunity to evacuate and instead joins many of the other villagers in defending Nagare Village. She equips herself with pots and pans and joins the villagers in storming the artillery unit threatening to destroy the village. Once they breach the artillery compound, Margo pours water on the cannons’ ignition sources, preventing their use. She also tries to reason with the cannons’ operators, encouraging them to defy the Prime Minster; they tell her they cannot, as the Prime Minister is holding their families hostage. The villagers ultimately prevail and the Prime Minister is defeated.

Sasuke Retsuden: The Uchiha Descendants and the Heavenly Stardust

Following the Prime Minister’s defeat, Kakashi sends a letter to Sasuke Uchiha, reporting the outcome of the battle. The letter includes details of Margo’s assistance in the victory and that she will accompany Nanara, now Redaku’s King, back to the capital city. Sasuke shares this letter with Gigi, revealing to him that Margo is alive and well.

A year later, Margo accompanies Nanara to the Astronomy Research Institute; they are guided there by Gigi, who, like Margo, now serves as one of Nanara’s aides. Nanara expresses an interest in rebuilding the Institute and perhaps even expanding it beyond what it was prior to its destruction. He asks Margo if she thinks his sister, Manari, would approve of this idea. Margo speculates that Manari would complain about the potential cost, but otherwise would probably go along with it. Nanara is pleased with this answer and has Gigi take them on a tour of the area surrounding the Institute.

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